Profacgen Updates Its Fermentation Process Development Solutions

November 26, 2023

Profacgen, a leading provider of protein products and protein-related services for life sciences, today announced the enhancement of its fermentation process development solutions to meet the evolving market demands and research needs.


Fermentation technology plays a crucial role in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and energy production, enabling the creation of a wide range of commercially significant substances. However, the current fermentation industry faces several challenges in optimizing production processes, including extensive production, inconsistent product quality, high resource and energy consumption, and environmental concerns.


Profacgen's updated fermentation process development solutions address these challenges by providing a comprehensive set of services that guarantee the commercial viability of target strains and pave the way for the production of novel and unnatural products. The company's enhanced services include:


  • Advanced Strain Identification and Design: Profacgen employs cutting-edge techniques to identify or design optimal strains for specific fermentation processes, ensuring high-yield production of target molecules.
  • Systematic Media Optimization: The company meticulously designs and optimizes fermentation media, tailoring the nutrient composition to the specific requirements of the target strain and product.
  • In-Depth Fermentation Condition Analysis and Optimization: Profacgen conducts comprehensive analyses and optimization of fermentation conditions, including temperature, pH, oxygen levels, and agitation, to maximize product yield and quality.
  • Precision Nutritional Control of Metabolites: The company employs precise nutritional control strategies to modulate metabolite production, ensuring the desired product profile and minimizing unwanted byproducts.
  • Efficient Fermentation Kinetics Optimization: Profacgen leverages advanced techniques to optimize fermentation kinetics, achieving significant improvements in fermentation efficiency and productivity.
  • Expertise in Cultural Development Stage: The company provides expert guidance and support throughout the cultural development stage, ensuring the successful establishment and maintenance of high-producing cell lines.


Furthermore, Profacgen boasts a team of highly skilled PhD-level technicians and a dedicated QC team, along with a state-of-the-art fermentation laboratory equipped with a sterile grade lyophilized machine.


"We are committed to continuously enhancing our fermentation process development solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers," stated Crystal, the chief marketing staff of Profacgen. "Our updated services are designed to empower our clients to achieve superior production outcomes while addressing sustainability concerns."


Profacgen's updated fermentation process development solutions are now available to support the development and optimization of a wide range of fermentation-based products. For further information, please visit the company's website at


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