December 3, 2023

The liquid stable Urine Chemistry Standard Kit, the MATRIX PLUS Chemistry  Reference Kit, and the stand-alone, ultra-high MATRIX PLUS Chemistry  Reference – Level F,  are all available from VERICHEM LABORATORIES for the calibration verification testing of both urine and serum Magnesium assays. The available materials are expressly designed to support overall system QC and CLIA compliance and are certain to address the needs of a wide variety of laboratory professionals, including those performing routine diagnostic testing, clinical research applications, and in the development and manufacturing of IVD products. These ready-to-use and state-of-the-art materials are valuable tools in determining a clinical system’s bias to the true, or known, value.  The unique formulations and concentration set points of these reference materials are crucial for the independent determination of test method accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range.

The Urine Chemistry Standard Kitis a five-level kit with Magnesium concentrations ranging from 1.0 mg/dL to 11.0 mg/dl. Concentrations are assigned by gravimetric procedure and are free of surfactants, glycols, azide and other potential interferents. The materials feature universal testing compatibility and are composed of a unique bio-synthetic matrix with urine-like activity which offers an exceptional shelf-life and open-vial stability of 24-months.    

The five-level MATRIX PLUS Chemistry Reference Kit, along with the stand-alone Level F, features Magnesium range of 0.8 mg/dL to 9.7 mg/dL, with each active component concentration verified using available Standard Reference Materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and fully documented with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The materials are intended to be treated as patient specimens and suitable for a wide variety of testing analyzers and assay methodologies and offer an outstanding shelf-life and open-vial stability claim of 21-months from the date of manufacture. In addition, all of the materials offer exceptional optical clarity, contain ample fill volumes for numerous testing events, and are conveniently packaged incorporating ergonomic designs to minimize storage requirements.  

For close to four decades, VERICHEM LABORATORIES has served the clinical laboratory testing and in-vitro diagnostic R&D and Manufacturing markets with a comprehensive line of clinical reference materials, calibration verification products, chemistry standards, linearity confirmation materials, and support services  ΜΆ  including FREE online  data  reduction and comprehensive test reports for full CLIA compliance. For additional information, contact Verichem Laboratories Inc. at 90 Narragansett Avenue, Providence, RI 02907 USA. Phone: 800-552-5859; FAX: 401-467-1540; Email: Please visit our website at