BOC Sciences and Spaya Join Forces to Expand Chemical Offerings

December 20, 2023

BOC Sciences supplies a diverse array of research chemicals and biochemicals while Spaya's groundbreaking technology simplifies the search and procurement process for scientists to synthesize manifold compounds. By joining forces, the two companies create a powerful synergy that exponentially augments the scope and diversity of chemical products available to scientists.


Commenting on the collaboration, a spokesperson from BOC Sciences expressed great enthusiasm, "We are thrilled to partner with Spaya to display our chemical offerings in front of more scientists. Meanwhile, by harnessing Spaya's revolutionary synthesis platform, our customers can expect even more agility, efficiency, and innovation in their scientific pursuits."


In November 2023, BOC Sciences' 140,000+ chemicals went live on Spaya, encompassing the following key categories: active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), small molecule inhibitors, building blocks, and synthetic peptides. These products have withstood the test of time and exemplify the company's exceptional expertise in chemical manufacturing. 


With the implementation of cGMP manufacturing capabilities several years ago, BOC Sciences reinforced its dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards. The expanded facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, allowing for seamless integration of cGMP practices into the existing manufacturing processes. These advancements enable BOC Sciences to provide superior products that meet rigorous quality requirements while complying with global regulatory standards.


Besides, BOC Sciences offers fully customizable and scalable manufacturing, catering to different grades. It's highly recommended that scientists who fail to source suitable materials turn to the BOC Sciences support team, describe their specific project needs, and make a request. The doctoral team will give a free but professional consultation and manage the production process all the way until delivering high-quality tailored products. Blessed with BOC Sciences' robust manufacturing capabilities and Spaya's advanced synthesis platform, scientists can expect further discoveries and innovation in novel drug development.


About BOC Sciences: It is a renowned leader in the chemical industry, providing global researchers and professionals with a wide selection of top-notch chemicals. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and flexible solutions, BOC Sciences also extends custom services across various scientific disciplines.


About Spaya: Utilizing Iktos' proprietary retrosynthetic analysis AI, Spaya has become a powerful platform that revolutionizes the process of compound synthesis. It undertakes a comprehensive evaluation of numerous synthetic routes for a given compound and impartially assesses them based on various metrics of synthetic accessibility. Spaya also serves as a collaborative hub, offering a space for idea exchange and facilitating cooperation among researchers.