CD BioSciences Unveils Customized C. elegans Maintenance and Storage Services Worldwide

January 1, 2024

CD BioSciences, a respected leader in scientific research services, is delighted to announce the introduction of its streamlined C. elegans maintenance and storage services, tailored to meet the needs of dedicated biologists and scientists across the globe.


The nematode C. elegans has long been recognized as a prime model organism in biological research due to its beneficial features, including a short life cycle, transparency of the body, a fully delineated developmental cell lineage, and ease of cultivation. Other factors like the availability of extensive sets of mutants and the absence of ethical issues have also underscored its popularity in research.


Sensorial to the increasing demand and to protect the significant time, effort, and resources invested by researchers in C. elegans studies, CD BioSciences has determined to provide a revolutionary approach in maintaining and storing the strain.


"Our C. elegans maintenance and storage services are meticulously designed to ensure consistency and continuity in research projects. By enabling researchers to continue their projects without compromising on ethics or logistics, we hope to advance the global understanding and explorations in this field," commented a spokesperson from CD BioSciences.


The addition of these bespoke services exemplifies CD BioSciences' ethos of constantly striving to enhance the quality and efficiency of scientific research. Whether it's a longstanding research project or an expedient early-stage study, CD BioSciences aims to offer the industry's most reliable C. elegans maintenance and storage services.


About CD BioSciences

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