Creative Proteomics Launches Innovative Ubiquitinated Proteomics Service for Advanced Research

December 11, 2023

Creative Proteomics, a leading supplier of proteomics services, is thrilled to announce the launch of its fully developed Ubiquitinated Proteomics Service. This cutting-edge service utilizes powerful mass spectrometry techniques for identifying and quantifying ubiquitinated proteins, significantly aiding researchers in biology and medicine in understanding complex cellular processes.


Ubiquitination, a process in which a small molecule, ubiquitin, gets attached to a protein, plays a critical role in many cellular functions. Imbalances in ubiquitination have been linked to diseases like cancer, neurological ailments, and immunological disorders. Despite being a crucial research area, technical difficulties in effectively analyzing ubiquitination have hindered Creative Proteomics in developing this service.


"Ubiquitinated proteomics offers the potential to unlock significant breakthroughs in diverse areas of biomedical research," said the Director of Marketing at Creative Proteomics. "Our service utilizes cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology, providing our customers with a valuable tool for gaining insights into the ubiquitination processes that drive cellular functions and pathologies."


Committed to advancing the field of proteomics, Creative Proteomics leverages its expertise in proteomics service and a deep understanding of ubiquitination to offer can be tailored to specific customer needs. From standard protein identification to more complex analyses like post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions, the service ensures comprehensive coverage of the protein landscape in any given biological sample.


Key features of the Ubiquitinated Proteomics Service include high reproducibility and sensitivity, high-throughput analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis of ubiquitinated proteins, and in-depth protein sequencing. These features ensure accurate, reliable data that contributes to a greater understanding of the role of ubiquitination in cellular processes and disease mechanisms.


"We trust that our ubiquitinated proteomics service will equip researchers with vital tools to drive transformative research and potential therapies," he added. "We are excited to deliver a service that not only meets our customers' needs but raises the bar for proteomics research."


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