Creative Proteomics Launches Label-free Quantification Service for Advanced Protein Analysis

December 22, 2023

Creative Proteomics, a leader in the field of proteomic analysis, announces the expansion of its service capabilities with the introduction of Label-free Quantification Service. This innovative approach provides a method for far-reaching protein quantification without the necessity for radioactive or chemical labels.


Label-free quantification is a method in mass spectrometry that determines the abundance of proteins in a sample by analyzing the intensity of the peaks in the mass spectrum. Unlike other traditional methods, label-free quantification eliminates the use of labels for detecting protein amounts, delivering a more straightforward and unambiguous route for protein analysis.


"With label-free quantification, we are tackling one of the biggest challenges in proteomic analysis,” says the Chief Scientist at Creative Proteomics, "Often, we have clients whose samples are so valuable or limited that label-dependent techniques are simply not feasible. With our Label-free Quantification Service, we offer a powerful tool that can handle these materials, and provide comprehensive, unbiased protein quantification."


Label-free quantification service offers advantages that considerably boost the efficiency and accuracy of protein identification and quantification. Firstly, it allows measuring protein abundance in a broader dynamic range, enabling the detection of low-abundance proteins that may be missed by other techniques. Next, it does not require an additional labeling step, ultimately reducing sample complexity and potential sources of systematic errors. Lastly, it enables an unlimited number of samples to be compared, making it perfect for large-scale studies.


Beyond the advanced label-free quantification technique, Creative Proteomics also offers an extensive range of protein quantification methods such as ICAT, iTRAQ, TMT, etc. The specialists at Creative Proteomics are committed to continually innovating and improving their service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of clients across various sectors, including pharma, biotech, agriculture, and academia.


"Ultimately, our goal is to help scientists save valuable time and resources while still achieving results of the highest quality," adds the Chief Scientist. “With this service expansion, we are proud to further contribute to this mission by providing more choices for high-precision protein quantification and superior customer experience."


True to its commitment to excellence, Creative Proteomics will continue to spearhead advancements in protein analysis and discovery, assisting the scientific community in overcoming its most complex research challenges.


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