Effective Manipulation of Bacillus subtilis Genome Through Advanced Editing Technologies by Microbiosci

January 1, 2024

Creative Biogene, a preeminent biotech company specializing in the development of unique gene transfer technologies, now offers accurate Bacillus subtilis genome-editing services based on Rec and CRISPR/Cas9 methodologies. Consequently, these innovative solutions come as fresh insights in genetic research, thereby accelerating the move toward advanced biological discovery.


Implementing both the Rec and the CRISPR/Cas9 methods, Creative Biogene effectively accommodates the diverse requirements of its global scientific community. The Rec system is a time-tested method, while the CRISPR/Cas9 is a more recently developed and precise genome editing tool.


"Our dynamic cost-efficient genome editing services in Bacillus subtilis are the result of years of thorough research. The breakthroughs we have achieved in genetic editing solutions are a testament to our commitment to elevate the standard for accuracy and efficiency in genome manipulation", said a Senior Researcher at Creative Biogene.


Specifically, the Bacillus subtilis genome editing service at Creative Biogene includes the following:


Bacillus subtilis Gene Knockout: This aids in the complete deletion or inactivation of specific gene sequences to study the function of the gene in question.


Bacillus subtilis Gene Knock-in: Facilitates the integration of a gene into a specific site in the genome - useful for investigating gene function and properties.


Bacillus subtilis Gene Activation and Inhibition: This aids in the study of the effects of gene upregulation and downregulation.


Bacillus subtilis Gene Point Mutation: Introduces specific changes in the DNA sequence, an important tool for answering questions regarding gene function and protein structure.


Creative Biogene welcomes researchers and scientists worldwide to leverage the potential of these genome editing services for their unique research requirements.


About Creative Biogene 

Creative Biogene is a global biotech company specializing in custom solutions for the genomics and proteomics research community. Their commitment to precise, efficient, and professional technologies propels them as leaders in the biotech industry.