CD Formulation Unveils Prominent Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients for Enhanced Medicine Efficacy

January 24, 2024

In the quest to develop safe and effective medicines, pharmaceutical companies rely on the precise combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients. These crucial components play a pivotal role in the formulation of pharmaceutical drugs, ensuring optimal drug delivery and patient outcomes. Recently, CD Formulation released a comprehensive guide titled "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients Handbook" highlighting its latest advancements in this field.


The handbook serves as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical scientists, formulators, and researchers, providing in-depth information about cutting-edge pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.


The featured APIs highlighted in the handbook are: β-Alanine (CAS 107-95-9), Heparin Sodium (CAS 9041-08-1), Vitamin C (CAS 50-81-7), Calcitriol, Vitamin D3 (CAS 67-97-0), and Montmorillonite (CAS 1318-93-0).


In addition to APIs, the handbook emphasizes the critical role of excipients in drug formulation. Excipients are inactive components that facilitate the stability, bioavailability, and overall performance of the API. The handbook highlights various excipients, such as cellulose derivatives, polyethylene glycols, and sugar alcohols.


Lactose Monohydrate and Starch are widely used as binders and disintegrants in tablet formulations, enhancing the tablet's mechanical strength and aiding in its disintegration for faster drug release and absorption. Thaumatin serves as a bulking agent and sweetener, contributing to the taste and mouthfeel of oral dosage forms. Polyoxyl 35 Castor Oil (CAS 61791-12-6) and Talc (CAS 14807-96-6) serve as stabilizers.


Overall, we hope this newly released handbook can serve as a useful guide for formulators and researchers, promoting their development of safe and effective pharmaceutical formulations. The comprehensive information on APIs and excipients empowers pharmaceutical scientists to optimize drug delivery systems, improve patient compliance, and enhance therapeutic outcomes, said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation.


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