Creative Proteomics Amplifies Its Services with High-precision Amino Acid Analysis

January 23, 2024

Creative Proteomics, a leader in the field of proteomics research, has announced the integration of high-precision Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) into its array of services. The move is aimed at enhancing its proven expertise in protein analysis with a service that lies at the foundational level of protein biosynthesis.


Amino acids are vital catalysts of numerous biological and physiological processes integral to life. They form the building blocks of proteins that go on to serve as enzymes, antibodies, and signaling molecules. Therefore, AAA holds an enviable position in bioscience, with applications ranging from elucidating protein composition to nutritional analysis.


The AAA offered by Creative Proteomics optimizes the quantification and characterization of free amino acids and protein hydrolysates. "Our developed methodologies allow us to provide a comprehensive catalog of AAA services, including protein-bound, free and total amino acid analysis", stated a senior scientist from Creative Proteomics.


Given the complex nature of amino acid analysis, the company leverages cutting-edge strategies that consist of derivatization, LC-MS/MS-based methods, and independent quality control review to ensure maximum accuracy. These methodologies allow rapid and precise identification of 100 essential amino acids in proteins, while also providing quantitation of non-proteinogenic and modified amino acids.


In addition to enhancing the investigations of scientists working in various fields, this service also extends its benefits to the food and beverage industry. Amino acid content in foodstuffs can be determined with pinpoint precision, thus promising to be of immense value for quality control and nutritional labeling.


Moreover, Creative Proteomics is confidently equipped to handle various types of samples for AAA, ranging from peptides, proteins, foods, feeds, and plant tissues. Their services are offered with a remarkable turnaround time promising to meet the deadline pressures of clientele in the academic and industrial sectors.


The integration of AAA amplifies the company's diverse array of services, which span from proteomics, metabolomics, and glycomics to bioinformatics, and a variety of other services integral to scientific research and development. The addition of high-precision amino acid analysis to Creative Proteomics' suite underscores the company's continual dedication to catering to the evolving demands of the scientific community with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.


Creative Proteomics aims to use the capabilities of these novel services to strengthen and broaden its established customer base. With core competencies in protein science and flexible service rendering models, they are perfectly positioned to serve the needs of big pharma, biotech companies, and academic institutions alike.


About Creative Proteomics

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