Creative Biogene Debuts Revolutionary Single Cell CRISPR Library Screening Services

January 30, 2024

Creative Biogene is excited to announce the launch of its innovative single cell CRISPR library screening services. The powerful new method of single cell CRISPR screening holds promising prospects for studying potential developmental, disease, and therapeutic response mechanisms.


The unique capabilities of this method allow for a direct correlation between CRISPR perturbations and single-cell gene expression data on a cell-by-cell basis. With this groundbreaking service, it's now possible to analyze hundreds to tens of thousands of cells affected by different CRISPR perturbations and detect individual guide RNAs (sgRNAs) that directly impact gene expression phenotypes, even without prior knowledge of the cell type or marker.


This novel approach to study gene function breaks from traditional limitations often encountered in the field. Instead of limiting research to examine overall average effects within a general cell population, our single cell CRISPR screening technology enables researchers to delve deeper. The achievement is to be able to examine, in depth, the individual cell reaction and the subsequent transcriptomic effects of perturbations.


Our single cell CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB screening technology serves to provide our clients with more comprehensive, detailed information. The ability to move beyond average effects and analyze the transcriptional changes caused by genetic perturbations in each individual cell holds priceless value in research. Starting from the genome editing process down to the individual cell, we can provide a comprehensive picture of the interaction between genetic changes and cell responses.


The information garnered from this method offers critical insights into the function of genes in specific populations of cells. This fine-grained data will be pivotal in formulating new hypotheses, leading to a detailed understanding of gene function and its contribution to health and disease, and potentially identifying novel therapeutic targets.


Creative Biogene’s mission is to leverage its expertise and technology to contribute effectively to the endeavors of the scientific community. The launch of the single cell CRISPR library screening technology marks a significant milestone in genome editing and gene function studies.


This advancement is not just an achievement for Creative Biogene, but also for the scientific community. With this single cell CRISPR screening service, we indeed believe to hasten the pace towards uncovering the mysteries of the cell and laying a sturdy foundation for future genetic research.


About Creative Biogene

Our work is centered around contributing to the critical scientific exploration of our time. We are excited to partner with researchers globally and work towards a better understanding of gene function through our advanced single cell CRISPR screening services.