Biotium Expands Selection of Novel Nuclear Stains for Enhanced Multiplexing Flexibility for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Applications

February 20, 2024

Greater selection of NucSpot® Nuclear Stains promotes further precision, efficiency, and reliability in cell imaging with selective nuclear targeting and exceptional photostability.

Fremont, CA, February 21, 2024Life Science Newswire – Biotium, a leader in fluorescent dyes for life science research, announces the expansion of its NucSpot® Nuclear Stains lineup, offering unprecedented specificity and flexibility for nuclear counterstaining. NucSpot® Nuclear Stains are membrane-impermeant, targeting the nucleus selectively with minimal fluorescence until binding to DNA, enabling convenient no-wash nuclear staining. Unlike traditional options such as propidium iodide (PI), TO-PRO®, or TOTO®, NucSpot® achieves nuclear specificity in fixed and permeabilized cells without the need for RNase treatment.

Now with an extensive selection of 9 colors spanning the fluorescence spectrum from green to near-infrared (near-IR), NucSpot® Nuclear Stains provide greater panel flexibility, compatible with FITC, Cy®3, PE, Texas Red®, Cy®5, APC, Cy®5.5, and Cy®7 channels. Several options are non-toxic, suitable for cell cycle profiling by flow cytometry, and can be incubated in live cultures for multi-day imaging. 

"These new additions to our cellular stains line provide a major improvement by broadly expanding scientists’ color choice for nuclear counterstaining. Plus, NucSpot® Nuclear Stains are much more photostable than existing cyanine-based nuclear stains, and there’s no need to treat with RNase for nuclear staining." says Dr. Lori Roberts, Director of Bioscience at Biotium. "These novel dyes are products of our commitment to providing cutting-edge and convenient tools for cell biology research."

Features and Benefits of NucSpot® Nuclear Stains

       Bright & Specific: Selective nuclear counterstains with exceptional sensitivity.

       Versatility: Suitable for fixed cells or dead cell staining in live cultures.

       User-Friendly: No-wash, no RNase staining protocol for efficient and consistent results.

       Exceptional Photostability: Maintains excellent imaging quality during prolonged sessions.

       Wide Color Selection: Available in 9 colors for flexible panel design.

       Validation and Quality Assurance: Rigorous in-house testing guarantees reliability and consistency.

For more information about NucSpot® Nuclear Stains, visit the product page.

About Biotium

Biotium is a leading life science reagent manufacturer and supplier devoted to facilitating scientific discovery with high-quality and innovative fluorescent tools. At the forefront of fluorescent dye design, our collaborative team of expert chemists and biologists applies chemistry-based principles towards solutions for unmet challenges in life science and medical research. Since its founding in 2001, Biotium has developed over 30 patented technologies that have been licensed to global leading life science technology companies.