TriLink BioTechnologies® Solidifies IP Position with Awarded Patents for CleanCap® Capping Technology in China and Canada

February 20, 2024

SAN DIEGO TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink®), a Maravai LifeSciences company (NASDAQ: MRVI) and global provider of life science reagents and services, has been granted patents by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Patent numbers ZL 2023 1 0734863.0 and CA 2999274 are related to TriLink’s CleanCap® technology for the co-transcriptional capping of mRNAs – a critical component of the production of synthetic mRNA as drug developers and researchers strive to maximize the impact of mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

These new issuances in China and Canada re-enforce the global strength and protection of TriLink’s intellectual property, adding new jurisdictions to the list of other major world markets in which  CleanCap® technology is already patented, including the United States, European Union, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.


“mRNA technology continues to prove its value as a breakthrough modality for innovative medicines,” explained Drew Burch, President of Nucleic Acid Production at TriLink. “Obtaining patents in these key markets demonstrates the value of the CleanCap® technology and its use in mRNA in drugs for clinical studies and commercialization worldwide – the promise and pace of this industry is unmatched.”

The technology encompassed by the patents facilitates the production of mRNAs containing the major natural cap structures found in humans, a significant improvement over legacy capping methods such as enzymatic and ARCA. CleanCap® technology has been used in commercially approved COVID-19 mRNA and saRNA vaccines.


“TriLink’s CleanCap technology is helping to bring life-saving therapeutics and vaccines to market faster,” added Kurt Oreshack, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Maravai LifeSciences. “These additional jurisdictions fortify the validity and strength of our global intellectual property.”


Last May, TriLink launched its most robust analog to date: CleanCap® M6. The technology’s single-pot reaction capabilities are expected to shrink manufacturing times, reduce manufacturing costs by 20-40%*, increase protein expression by >30%, and increase mRNA yields with a purity profile of >95%. Its impressive performance and positive impact on the industry have earned CleanCap® M6 analog two industry innovation recognitions with Pharma Manufacturing and The Medicine Maker.


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 *Data and customer insights garnered from a market assessment conducted by a third-party consulting firm on behalf of TriLink BioTechnologies in November 2022.

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TriLink BioTechnologies, a Maravai LifeSciences company, is a global leader in nucleic acid and mRNA solutions. TriLink delivers unrivaled chemical and biological experience, CDMO services, and high-quality readymade and custom materials, including its patented CleanCap® mRNA capping technology. Pharmaceutical leaders, biotech disruptors, and world governments depend on TriLink to meet their greatest challenges, from delivering the COVID-19 vaccine at warp speed, to empowering innovative treatments in oncology, infectious diseases, cardiology, and neurological disorders, to enabling future pandemic response plans.

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