BioIVT Announces Expansive Fresh Leukopak Capability in Europe

February 21, 2024

Expanded capabilities to be highlighted at upcoming industry events

WESTBURY, N.Y.Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BioIVT, a global research partner and biospecimen solutions provider for drug and diagnostic development, today announced it has increased its capacity to deliver readily-available fresh, standard and mobilized, human leukopaks. Building on decades of human derived cell collection expertise, this additional capability enables BioIVT to further scale its world-class network of diverse, highly characterized donors and makes the company a leading provider of fresh leukopaks in the UK and mainland Europe.

According to a Delvens report, the EU leukapheresis market is anticipated to continuously grow through 2028, with Germany currently making up the largest market share and their market segment expected to grow with the highest CAGR in the 2021-2028 forecast period. To support this growing demand, BioIVT now has the ability to provide researchers across Europe with high quality, fresh starting material within 24 hours of collection.

"Access to fresh leukopaks enables clients with the crucial elements needed for effective and efficient therapeutic development and approval," said Dr. Parijat Jain, Vice President, CGT at BioIVT. "We are thrilled to now offer fresh leukopaks, including mobilized, to more European partners, which is important as they maintain the highest quality and cell viability, conserving critical lymphocyte and monocyte cell subpopulations with low granulocyte and hematocrit contamination."

BioIVT will discuss the significance of this expanded capability, as well as the company's latest product innovations at the following global events:

  • 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit Europe (Booth #5)London, UK (February 27-February 29) – At the conference, BioIVT experts will discuss how the company's cell and gene therapy (CGT)-enabling solutions provide UK and Europe regional access to high-quality human and animal derived cellular starting material.
  • Biomarkers 2024 by Oxford Global (Booth #2)London, UK (February 29-March 1) – Coming off the heels of CAR-TCR Summit, the company will attend Biomarkers to discuss the criticality of the quality and data associated with samples to ensure successful research.
  • Advanced Therapies 2024 (Booth #56)London, UK (March 19-March 20) – In the booth, BioIVT leaders will further discuss their CGT-supporting portfolio of high-quality, flexible solutions that are aligned by a large global network of characterized and recallable donors, now amplified by the new distribution capabilities throughout mainland Europe. The booth will also feature prints of the company's "Art of Cell & Gene Therapy" series, a collection of art that takes iconic masterpieces from famous painters and weaves them together with biologic imagery.
  • 31st International Precision Med Tri-Con (Booth #321)San Diego, CA, USA (March 26-March 28) – The company will close out Q1 speaking again about the importance of using a high-quality specimen provider, and how much time and money can be cost by using poor-quality specimens that result in high failure rates. Additionally, Dr. Courtney Noah, VP of Scientific Affairs, will present a session titled, "Transforming Disease Detection: The Crucial Role of Biobanking & Diversity in Liquid Biopsy Research" at 11:20am PT on March 26th.

Additional information about BioIVT's presence at these events can be found here:

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