AVIA’s Generative AI Strategic Collaborative Highlights Six-Month Milestones And Outlines Next Steps For Pioneering Initiative

February 25, 2024

Healthcare AI collaborative identifies 32 generative AI use cases and five core frameworks in first six months

CHICAGO, IL / February 26, 2024 / AVIA, the leading healthcare digital transformation partner, shared the six-month milestones of its Generative AI Strategic Collaborative, an industry collective of 29 leading health systems and industry participants including the American Hospital Association and the Children's Hospital Association, designed to accelerate the safe and effective adoption of healthcare AI.

Launched in the summer of 2023, the AVIA Generative AI Strategic Collaborative brought together leading health systems and more than 20 expert speakers such as AI equity and ethics expert Ziad Obermeyer and regulatory expert Lee Fleisher. The collaborative generated 32 published use cases for healthcare AI and developed five full frameworks-including the TRUSTED Framework, which is designed to help organizational governance bodies and committees set high-level guidance to ensure safe, ethical, and effective use of AI.

"Generative AI is a powerful but still nascent technology. Health systems will need to navigate a multitude of complex decisions and variables to truly harness its potential," said Linda Finkel, CEO of AVIA. "We were honored to work with so many leading institutions and experts to provide concrete and pragmatic steps to achieving early impact, as well as a truly transformational state that spans workforce, care delivery experiences, and the technology itself."

A survey conducted at the collaborative's Generative AI Action Forum, held in Dallas on February 6, found that 95% of participating health systems had increased their confidence to act with AI since the start of the collaborative, underlining the impact and efficacy of the groundbreaking program. There was also a 44% increase in the number of participants with a formalized AI governance structure.

"The opportunities for learning and collaboration within the Generative AI Strategic Collaborative have been significant," said Eric Smith, SVP and Chief Digital Officer at Memorial Hermann Health System. "It's provided a framework to navigate the complexities of AI adoption, begin to align on best practices, and position us to drive innovation for the benefit of patients and the industry as a whole."

The Generative AI Strategic Collaborative combined research and thought leadership to create a robust strategy for the safe and impactful adoption of generative AI capabilities in healthcare. 170 stakeholders from 29 health systems explored the myriad opportunities and challenges presented by AI adoption, with a focus on responsible, valuable, and ethical integration into healthcare systems.

Membership in the collaborative included 29 leading hospitals and health systems from around the U.S., including Providence, MedStar Health, and Cedars-Sinai.

"Participating in AVIA's Generative AI Strategic Collaborative was a significant opportunity for us to drive our expertise around evaluating and adopting AI," said Rob Steele, MD, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Children's Mercy Kansas City. "It's helped Children's Mercy make concrete steps toward embracing the transformative potential of generative AI and laying the groundwork for responsible and rapid innovation with a pivotal technology."

"Healthcare transformation is challenging but critical, and the Generative AI Strategic Collaborative offered Geisinger a platform for collaboration that went beyond just a partnership," said Karen Murphy, Senior Advisor and former Chief Innovation and Digital Transformation Officer at Geisinger. "It gave us an opportunity to chart new territory alongside fellow health systems and industry experts, and better position us to pioneer the future of healthcare by using novel technology to enhance patient care and drive meaningful change."

This marks the conclusion of phase 1 of AVIA's Generative AI Strategic Collaborative, but it's only the beginning of the journey towards safe and impactful healthcare AI. AVIA is preparing to release details around the Generative AI Strategic Collaborative 2.0, which will continue the foundational work of the first collaborative and delve deeper into use cases, solutions, and critical action oriented insights to drive AI-driven capabilities. AVIA will also be offering an accelerator program designed to bring new participants up to speed about the work done in Phase 1 and prepare them to participate in Phase 2.

For more information about AVIA and the Generative AI Strategic Collaborative, or for information on how your health system can take part in the Collaborative 2.0 and Generative AI Accelerator, connect with the AVIA team at ViVE 2024 or contact genai@avia.health.

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