APM Steam Offers Unparalleled Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing Services for Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Facilities

April 29, 2024

Enhances energy efficiency, operational integrity, and safety in facility steam systems

American Plant Maintenance (APM Steam), a leading provider of steam systems maintenance services, highlights its heat exchanger assessment and testing service, which ensures a comprehensive examination of heat exchangers. By confirming operational effectiveness, assessing structural integrity through pressure testing, providing detailed reports, estimating costs for necessary actions, and evaluating potential energy savings to optimize efficiency, APM’s Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing Service enhances energy efficiency, operational integrity, and safety in facility steam systems. APM Steam helps biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical facilities reduce downtime on production lines, which translates into significant production cost savings.

Regular testing and maintenance of heat exchangers are crucial to ensuring efficient operations in facilities. Heat exchangers facilitate energy transfer between different liquid or steam sources, making effective heat transfer essential. However, these vital components are highly susceptible to scale build-up from treated or untreated water, leading to issues such as energy losses, increased heating time, and leaking tube bundles. Most importantly, undetected leaks in heat exchangers can lead to significant problems such as water hammer, increased failures of traps and valves, or pressure/temperature fluctuations. These issues can be prevented through a proactive approach, including regularly scheduled inspection, testing, and descaling programs.

APM Steam's Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing Service includes documentation of heat exchangers, including tag numbers, locations, types, manufacturers, models, and applications. It also encompasses identification and verification of isolation valves and ports for cleaning, pressure testing to verify the integrity of the bundle, provision of a final report with comprehensive assessment details, quotations for cleaning each heat exchanger and/or necessary repair costs, and energy savings calculations with return-on-investment data to evaluate the business case for cleaning.

APM’s Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing Service is designed to enhance energy efficiency, operational integrity, and safety in facility steam systems. Understanding the significance of proactive maintenance is crucial in preventing expensive disruptions and ensuring peak performance.

For more information visit https://apmsteam.com/servicesparts/heat-exchanger-assessments-testing-and-maintenance/.


About APM Steam

Founded in 2001, American Plant Maintenance provides independent, accurate, and thorough surveys of steam systems, and performs the subsequent repairs reliably and efficiently. 

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reports that they can rely on to make informed decisions about the maintenance of their systems. Our reports contain all the information a facility manager might need to do the repairs on their own, so it is a testament to the quality and professionalism of our staff that our team is asked to perform the repairs after most of the surveys we do. Learn more at www.apmsteam.com, or contact us at 877-51-TRAPS or info@apmsteam.com.