Cytiva’s latest innovation significantly improves filtration of high concentration biologics

June 25, 2024

Global life sciences leader Cytiva is addressing the distinct filtration needs of customers manufacturing high-concentration biologic drugs with its Supor Prime sterilizing grade filters, the latest addition to its extensive filtration portfolio. The Supor Prime filter is designed to help drug developers achieve higher yields, reduce premature blockages, and limit the costs associated with filtration losses. 
Ed Hoare, Vice President and General Manager, Filtration, Cytiva, says: “Our customers have been seeking a solution that accelerates the development, while reducing the risks associated with high concentration biologics. Supor Prime addresses these challenges and helps them deliver life-changing therapeutics to the patients who need them.” 
The trend toward high-concentration biologics is mainly driven by a surge in demand for subcutaneous drugs – medications that can be self-administered under the skin – reducing the need for intravenous injections at hospitals and clinics. 
The complex formulation and consistency of high-concentration biologic drugs makes it more difficult to filter the drug product, while its high particle load often leads to premature filter blockage. Drug developers have often compensated with oversized or additional filters to address this challenge, but that can lead to increased hold-up volume resulting in costly drug product losses. 
Cytiva’s Supor Prime filters deliver high throughput capacity for high-concentration biologic feeds up to 220 grams per liter of concentration and 30 centipoise viscosity, resulting in increased drug product recovery in the final manufacturing steps. The filters are also designed to scale-up from clinical development to commercial manufacturing. 
Supor Prime filters are a sustainable choice because they reduce the amount of: 
  • plastic needed and installation cleaning of stainless-steel. 
  • fluid required, whether water or product, for filter priming. 
  • CO2, since their higher product recovery reduces the upstream product manufacturing needs, thus reducing customers’ entire upstream CO2 impact. 
To learn more about Supor Prime sterilizing grade filters and to view the product comparisons, go here
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