Pascal Piedbois, MD, PhD joins One2Treat as Chief Medical Officer to advance patient-centric innovation in clinical trial design and market access

July 8, 2024

Pascal Piedbois, MD, PhD joins One2Treat as Chief Medical Officer to advance patient-centric innovation in clinical trial design and market access.


One2Treat reflects patient priorities in a single multi-facet treatment assessment, reducing trial sample size and accelerating patient access to new treatments. 


Brussels, July 9th, 2024- In this new role, Dr. Piedbois will ensure the One2Treat suite of offerings are developed and delivered with the requirements of both patients, and the sponsor’s clinical teams, front and center. 


One2Treat’s innovative approach, driven by its Founder Marc Buyse, aims to reduce trial sample sizes and accelerate patient access to new treatments. One2Treat software helps incorporate multiple clinical outcomes that matter to the patient as early as the study design through robust statistical methodologies. Dr. Pascal Piedbois will be a key driver in this endeavor.


Dr. Pascal Piedbois, Prof. of Medical Oncology, brings over 30 years of clinical development experience in both academia and industry, holding positions including Head of Medical Oncology at Paris University, General Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Alsace Region, and several leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry, including Vice President, Head of Global Oncology and Infectious Diseases at AstraZeneca, Senior Vice President, Medical Head Major Markets at Bristol Myers Squibb and General Manager at Boehringer-Ingelheim Belgium. 


Pascal’s extensive medical experience will address one of the most strategic challenges in the biopharma industry today: incorporating multiple patient-relevant outcomes into a single holistic treatment assessment," said Sebastien Coppe, CEO of One2Treat. "In today’s clinical studies, focusing on one or two primary endpoints often leads to underutilization of valuable data and fails to capture the holistic impact of treatments on patients. Pascal’s deep industry knowledge will ensure that our innovative solutions bring clinically meaningful transformations in the way we design clinical trials.”


Dr. Pascal Piedbois adds: “There is a huge opportunity to involve patients, sponsors, regulatory agencies, and payers early in the clinical trial design process. By aligning on their specific needs and prespecifying the primary endpoint of the registration study, we can run more efficient trials and bring new treatments to market faster. This approach will ensure that clinical trials are more reflective of what truly matters to patients, including quality of life for instance.” 


Marc Buyse, Founder of One2Treat, highlights the need for a more patient-centric approach in clinical research: “I am delighted that Pascal, with whom I have had a long and very fruitful collaboration, joins One2Treat today. His medical expertise will speed up the implementation of this multi-dimensional approach, ensuring our message resonates with medical leaders.” 


Dr. Pascal Piedbois concludes: “One2Treat’s innovative approach also facilitates a more transparent and efficient transition from drug development to market access. Using a rigorous, quantitative method to analyze overall treatment effects allows us to connect clinical research and health technology (HTA) assessment seamlessly, providing a comprehensive benefit-risk assessment based on what matters most to patients.” 


For more information on One2Treatand its paradigm shifting solution, visit www.one2treat.comand join the movement towards patient-centric healthcare. 



About One2Treat: 


One2Treatis a forward-thinking partner for biopharmaceutical companies, dedicated to delivering transformative insights in clinical trial design, analysis, and market access evaluations to support holistic treatment decisions.  

Driven by a commitment to patient-centricity, One2Treat leverages modern statistical methodologies and advanced software solutions to integrate multiple specific efficacy and safety outcomes into a single aggregated measure. This approach allows for the estimation of the Net Treatment Benefit based on patients' preferences, ushering in a new era of personalized healthcare. 


One2Treat’sunique solution empowers sponsors to optimize the design of registration trials, by incorporating multiple patient-relevant outcomes in a single primary analysis, resulting in smaller sample sizes and more clinically relevant analyses. This leads to significantly shorter recruitment timelines and improved biopharma R&D productivity. Additionally, One2Treat facilitates market access through comprehensive benefit-risk assessments and patient-centric analyses, aligning with the evolving landscape of healthcare needs. 


As initiatives to incorporate patients' preferences into treatment development continue to gain momentum, the adoption of One2Treat's innovative multi-facet trial designs is poised to become the new gold standard in the industry. 


To learn more about how One2Treat is revolutionizing treatment decisions in clinical research and market access, visit: