Synexa Life Sciences Enrols in My Green Lab Certification Program

July 9, 2024

[LEIDEN, NL] 10 July, 2024Life Science Newswire – Synexa Life Sciences, a global provider of biomarker and bioanalytical solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO industries, proudly announces its enrolment in the My Green Lab Certification Program. This strategic move underscores Synexa’s commitment to ensuring its laboratories remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

By joining the My Green Lab Certification Program, Synexa Life Sciences is taking significant strides towards reducing its environmental footprint. This initiative is a testament to Synexa’s dedication to integrating sustainable practices in its laboratory operations, showcasing a proactive approach to energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and responsible chemical management.

About the My Green Lab Certification Program

The My Green Lab Certification is the gold standard for laboratory sustainability practices worldwide. This program evaluates labs on their sustainability initiatives, providing a comprehensive framework for continuous improvement in areas such as energy use, water consumption, waste management, and chemical usage. Labs undergo rigorous assessments and receive detailed feedback to guide their journey towards greater environmental responsibility.

Program Details and Future Plans

Synexa Life Sciences will first certify its Cape Town Lab first under this globally recognised standard. The certification process includes initial assessments, recommendations for sustainability improvements, and a follow-up evaluation after 6-8 months. This iterative process ensures that Synexa’s lab not only meets but also exceeds the benchmarks set for sustainable practices.

Looking ahead, Synexa plans to expand its laboratory certifications across more sites, ultimately aiming for company-wide certification, reflecting a long-term commitment to sustainability.

Emile Lens, Chief Executive Officer at Synexa Life Sciences, states: “Enrolling in the My Green Lab Certification Program aligns perfectly with our drive to deliver high-quality, environmentally conscious laboratory services. This certification is a critical step in our ongoing efforts to minimise our ecological impact and foster a culture of sustainability within our organisation.”

Scott Grant, Senior Programs Director at My Green Lab, comments: “We are thrilled to welcome Synexa Life Sciences to the My Green Lab Certification Program. Their commitment to sustainability and proactive approach to reducing their environmental footprint are commendable. We look forward to supporting their journey towards integrating more sustainable laboratory practices.”

About My Green Lab

My Green Lab is a non-profit environmental organisation with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science. The organisation is the world leader in developing internationally recognised sustainability standards for laboratories and laboratory products, bringing sustainability to the community responsible for the world’s life-changing medical and technical innovations. Laboratories are one of the most resource-intensive spaces in any industry, but they don’t have to be. By introducing both a new perspective and proven best practices within a carefully crafted framework, My Green Lab has inspired tens of thousands of scientists to make a positive change in their labs by reducing the environmental impact of their work.

About Synexa Life Sciences

Synexa Life Sciences is a global provider of biomarker and bioanalytical services, specialising in the development, validation and delivery of a wide range of complex and custom-designed assays. With a team of 150 across five global laboratory locations; Cape Town, London, Berlin, Turku (Finland) and Rockville (Maryland USA), we provide innovative solutions to support our customers to achieve their clinical milestones. 

Our main areas of expertise include biomarker identification and development, clinical bioanalysis, soluble biomarker analysis (utilising MSD, ELISA, RIA, fluorescence and luminescence-based technologies), cell biology (including flow cytometry and ELISpot) and genomic services to support clinical trials and translational studies. 

We pride ourselves on our deep scientific expertise and our ability to tackle complex problems, translating them into robust and reliable assays to support clinical trial sample analysis. We partner with our customers to contribute to the furtherment of scientific development and ultimately better management and treatment of human health. 

Synexa, improving the quality of human health through innovative biomarker and bioanalytical solutions.