(May 11, 2017)

Sponsored by
PointCross Life Sciences



This webinar will introduce attendees to the concept of creating a single point from where all patient genotype and phenotype can be searched and combined with their clinical data to advance biomarker driven translational research and discovery of precisely targeted therapies. PointCross will cover many of the technical, scientific, and business drivers, challenges and approaches used along with senior members of PORTIN, a portal for translational data integration at Bayer

Learning Objectives:

  • How semantic integration does not require creating yet another database or warehouse but leveraging existing data sources for search and discovery.
  • Attendees of big Pharma will see how such a strategic program was executed with alignment across many disciplines.
  • Biotechs will see how this technology can be accessed quickly without investment in infrastructure.


Christiane UngerChristiane Unger

Business Partner Clinical Sciences of Bayer Business Services GmbH


Dietmar BerndorffDietmar Berndorff

Director, Biosample Data & Process Management


Suresh MadhavanDr. Suresh Madhavan, PhD


PointCross Life Sciences


Jerry ZaborowskiJerry Zaborowski

VP of Sales, Marketing

PointCross Life Sciences