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TECHNIDATA implements its TDNexlabs LIS in a hosted-mode for the computerization of the French Epinal-Remiremont hospital group multi-site laboratories.

June 14, 2018

MONTBONNOT, FRANCE - Jun 5, 2018 - A successful project that now enables an effective management of laboratories in both healthcare facilities with a single system and an outsourced infrastructure.


A single LIS for two hospital laboratories

The laboratories of both sites have been working together for a long time, but they were using their own LIS, operated from servers located in their respective premises. Switching to a single LIS helped them streamline the production, pool the resources, standardize their practices, enhance traceability and become more efficient.

“We wanted a LIS that could manage the complexity of a group involving multi-site laboratories, with all the associated interface and configuration issues. We needed an efficient and flexible system that could fit our organization and help us pool the resources while respecting the specific needs of each site: e.g. as the hospitals are separate legal entities, each site needs to keep their own billing system”, explains Dr Anthony Leon, Pathologist, Head of Laboratory of Emile Durkheim Hospital and TDNexLabs Super User.

Efficiency, traceability and quality with TDNexLabs

“We opted for the TDNexLabs LIS. Now, it computerizes the emergency and routine Pathology laboratories of both sites, while the Microbiology department has been consolidated on the Epinal site. This department processes the microbiology tests for both hospitals through the TDNexLabs paperless microbiology module.

This saved us a lot of time and increased efficiency, the LIS management and its configuration are now shared: secretaries do not need to input the same requests into the both systems, reducing the risk of error. Our staff is more versatile and can work on both sites.

With the TDNexLabs dashboard, we can easily monitor the laboratory activity and have, for example, a quick overview of the pending urgent requests.

Furthermore, the exhaustive traceability of TDNexLabs lets us know who did what and when for each request. This facilitates our proceedings to reach the ISO 15189 accreditation.

The Pathologists also benefit from greater comfort while working thanks to the TDNexLabs ergonomic design: they can easily access the required features in a few clicks! Another great advantage: we do not need to have two on-duty pathologists at a time as required before, since only one pathologist is now able to remotely perform the clinical review for both laboratories. Five pathologists operate our laboratories on a 24/7 basis: We have less on-duty shifts, which is very much appreciated”, underlines Dr Leon. “As a further step, we will shortly implement TDWeb - the TECHNIDATA electronic ordering add-on that will allow doctors to order tests directly at the patient’s bedside - and TDPatient, which will offer patients an access to their test results from a secure web portal”.


Why choose a SaaS installation

“We wanted to outsource the LIS on a hosted infrastructure to simplify the system administration and maintenance, but also to enforce the French regulation on healthcare data hosting. We started working on this project with Coreye, TECHNIDATA health data housing partner: a constructive three-way cooperation”, explains Matthieu Dussaulx, Head of Information Systems at the hospital group.

« The group benefits from a 24/7 support, supplied by TECHNIDATA for software topics, and by Coreye for hosted infrastructure. Our expertise in healthcare data hosting is complementary to TECHNIDATA knowledge in the field of laboratory software solutions. We can therefore work in synergy”, concludes Francis Brichet, Business Development Manager of Coreye.


With over 40 years’ experience in the field of laboratory management, TECHNIDATA is a leading global software supplier for clinical, anatomic-pathology laboratories and biobank information systems. Developed in full compliance with the ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality standards, TECHNIDATA software products are distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide and cover all the clinical laboratory disciplines: Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Virology, Microbiology, Blood Banking, Histology/Cytology, Genetics, and Biobanking.

About Coreye Healthcare:
Coreye Healthcare is the healthcare division of Pictime Group. The company started in 2002 with the integration of e-commerce sites, and then developed its business with hosting, cloud and managed IT services. Today, the group employs 300 people. Coreye Healthcare has supported and advised the healthcare stakeholders in their digital transformation for over 10 years.  ISO 27 001 and healthcare data hosting certified company since January 2013, Coreye Healthcare helps pool the resources, share and secure data, and improve the patient care.