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Vyasa Analytics Joins Accenture’s Life Sciences Ecosystem to Help Drive Innovation in Drug Discovery and Scientific Research

December 18, 2018

BOSTON, MA - Dec 18, 2018 - Vyasa Analytics, a provider of scalable, deep-learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations, today announced they have joined Accenture’s partner ecosystem, designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and life science companies work more effectively to accelerate drug discovery efforts and improve patient outcomes. 

The ecosystem is an integral part of the cloud-based informatics research platform, which has been designed to help life sciences organizations improve productivity, efficiency and innovation in drug discovery. Accenture is currently working with a select number of ISVs and organizations -- including Vyasa -- to integrate their technology and content into Accenture’s research platform. This will allow life sciences companies to give their researchers access to innovative capabilities, such as Vyasa’s highly scalable deep learning software and analytics capabilities.

“Through this innovative relationship, Accenture opens the door for Vyasa to share and integrate its platform and research with other companies across the life sciences space,” said Dr. Christopher Bouton, CEO & Founder, Vyasa. “By sharing our resources, we can work together to continue to make advancements and improvements in the pharma and health sciences field well into the future.”

Vyasa software, Layar and Cortex, securely connect to client-specific data sources residing in the Accenture cloud-based research platform, enabling researchers to run a range of advanced deep learning, A.I. analytics on image, text and small compound content. Layar has been developed by Vyasa specifically for life sciences and healthcare use cases and provides a core AI engine that is capable of running GPU-based analytics from its analytical module library on platform data sources. Cortex provides a front-end, easy to use app solution for a wide range of advanced analytics and visualization for critical research use cases.

“One of the advantages of the Accenture research platform is our ability to connect pharmaceutical and biotech researchers to an ecosystem of innovation,” said Joe Donahue, a managing director in Accenture’s Life Sciences practice. “Through the ecosystem, researchers can easily access and benefit from capabilities such as Vyasa’s scalable, deep-learning software and analytics. These capabilities can help accelerate discovery and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.”

Vyasa’s tools will be available to life sciences companies within a common informatics framework that handles core infrastructure requirements such as data ingestion and cleansing, security and IP management, request management workflow, enterprise search, data governance and collaboration environments.

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