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Creative Proteomics Launches Untargeted Metabolomics Services for Drug Development

July 13, 2020

SHIRLEY, NY, UNITED STATES - Jul 13, 2020 - Creative Proteomics, an integrated CRO company that provides a full range of drug development services, has recently launched its fully-developed untargeted metabolomics services to researchers.


The service ranges include four: serum untargeted metabolomics, urine untargeted metabolomics, cerebrospinal fluid untargeted metabolomics and exosome untargeted metabolomics, which are based on some of the most powerful platforms and techniques in this field with unrivaled accuracy and sensitivity.


“With years of experience and advanced experiment equipment, the scientists in Creative Proteomics are confident to provide premier untargeted metabolomics services to customers. The products in the great upgrade include several kinds of services, which are based on some of the most powerful platforms and techniques in this field with unrivaled accuracy and sensitivity.” stated Creative Proteomics' product manager.


Discovery metabolomics plays an important role in drug development. Methods of untargeted metabolite profiling typically involve statistical processing of LC-MS data to generate a list of features that can be identified. This typically involves multiple injections of the sample to ensure that information about the features of interest can be collected.


“Creative Proteomics' solutions for discovery and untargeted metabolomics focus on generating comprehensive datasets containing large amounts of information through unique and modern approaches. Repeated planning with comprehensive statistics, along with tools developed by our collaborators aimed at identifying metabolites of interest through simplification and deconvolution of the data.” stated by Creative Proteomics' executive vice president.


Serum, urine, and human cerebrospinal fluid contain important biomarkers in the human body. The serum helps to regulate the ionic composition and pH of the interstitial fluid, and has the function of keeping a stable body temperature and defense against toxins and pathogens. Urine is the preferred diagnostic biological fluid in recent years because of its sterility and easy access. Creative Proteomics supports untargeted metabolomics experiments with a comprehensive set of ultra-sensitive separation, characterization, identification and quantification systems that provide urine untargeted metabolomics and serum untargeted metabolomics services.


Nowadays, brain injury, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease have become human health killers. The treatment of such central nervous system diseases is inseparable from the study of human cerebral spinal fluid. It is not easily accessible, but its relative metabolic simplicity along with potential importance for central nervous system diseases makes it particularly important in biomedical research and clinical chemistry. Creative proteomics provides a mature cerebrospinal fluid untargeted metabolomics service to help scientists conduct disease research.


Exosomes (EX) are a heterogeneous group of extracellular vesicles (EVs), the size of which is virus-size (30-150 nm). Exosome metabolomics research is brand new, and only in recent years has knowledge of metabolites present in extracellular vesicles begun to accumulate. After determining the lipids in exosomes, there is growing interest in the metabolome of exosomes. Exosome metabolomics services provided by Creative Proteomics can help you quickly and efficiently obtain the most information from exosomes.


About Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics, as an experienced proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics services supplier, has been well equipped with advanced technologies, in order to meet the increasing needs from researchers and scientists in their proteomics and metabolomics related researches.



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