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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Provides Customized Pharmaceutical Analytical Services

July 14, 2020

NY, NY, UNITED STATES - Jul 14, 2020 - July 14, 2020, New York, USA - Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab announced today that it has recently launched customized pharmaceutical analytical services for companies involved with new drug development. Previously, this testing lab has already released a series of professional analytical testing services like food analytical services, agriculture & crop analytical services, and textile testing services.

In the process of pharmaceutical development and production, various factors may affect or lead to final failure of new drug development. For example, pharmaceuticals may develop impurities during their development, transportation and storage stages, which poses risks if administered. Therefore, they must be detected and quantitated via a range of analytical instrumentation and methods, among which, titrimetric, chromatographic, spectroscopic, electrophoretic, and electrochemical and their corresponding methods are most commonly used.

As a professional testing service company, Alfa Chemistry has cGMP-compliant laboratory that can provide customers with high-quality services at every stage of development. Equipped with constantly updated analytical methods and equipment, the lab can adapt to changing regulations and the ongoing needs of clients worldwide.

Alfa Chemistry offers the following customized pharmaceutical analytical services, providing assurance of the quality, safety and efficacy of new medicines:

Biopharmaceutical Characterization

To ensure the safety, efficacy, quality, purity and potency of biopharmaceutical products, it is essential to investigate the composition of your drug product or substance.

Preformulation Analysis       

The information obtained through preformulation analysis can help researchers screen out the appropriate drug substance form (salt or crystal), the best dosage form (tablets, capsules or injections), and provide important information for formula design for the subsequent development of stable and safe dosage forms with good bioavailability.

Separation and Purification Service

In addition to active ingredients, ineffective ingredients or even harmful impurities may also exist in drugs. Therefore, drug separation and purify the active ingredients must be carried out in drug development.

Impurity Testing Services

Raw materials, pollutants, reagents catalysts, solvents and intermediates are all likely to produce impurities. Excessive impurities may change the physical and chemical constants and affect the stability of the drug. Therefore, the detection of impurities in drugs is a very important part of controlling the quality of drugs.

In addition, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab also provides stability analysis, pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic, failure analysis, and deformulation (reverse engineering). For more information about Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab's pharmaceutical analytical services or to consult any other analytic testing services, please visit

About Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab

Growing at a fast pace, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is the world's leading third-party testing company, providing one-stop analysis testing solutions for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers in different industries. Owing to expertise and high-end technologies, the lab can provide independent, fast-response, and cost-effective analytic and evaluation services to customers worldwide, helping them shorten the time to market products, reduce risks, and most importantly, increase the market value of products.