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CD Genomics: Oral Sample Collection Products Help the Collection and Preservation of Oral Cells

July 19, 2020

SHIRLEY, NY - Jul 20, 2020 - CD Genomics is a genomics service company with a good reputation in providing reliable microbial sampling products, microbial testing services, microbial genomics services, and integrated bioinformatics services. The product manager announces the newly-developed microcollect™ oral sample collection products include three: saliva collection device, sterile pack swabs, saliva DNA/RNA collection device, which can greatly reduce the bias that introduced through improper sample collection methods or medium. 


MicroCollect™ Saliva Collection Devices collect saliva by directly spitting the saliva into the funnel, which is a non-invasive, convenient solution for collecting saliva specimens. These products are safe, non-invasive, reliable, easy to use, and can be widely used at home, and in clinical laboratories and R&D laboratories. The MicroCollect™ Saliva Collection Devices are ideal saliva collection systems for nearly all diagnostic issues, and therapy monitoring in patients.


MicroCollect™ Sample Collection and Preservation Devices provide an easy way for people without professional medical assistance to collect samples independently at home or other places. Flocking swabs use innovative nylon fiber technology to provide excellent sample collection and release. Nylon fiber swabs can better collect clinical samples and then release them immediately into the irrigation fluid. After placing the collected sample in the rinse solution, the nucleic acid of the sample is stored in the solution.


MicroCollect™ Sterile Pack Swabs are able to preserve a large percentage of samples collected from the oral cavity. Recovered DNA or RNA can be used in many molecular biological experiments including, PCR, genomics, epigenomics, metagenomics, etc.


The MicroCollect™ Saliva DNA Collection Devices are designed for saliva DNA collection and preservation from the oral cavity. This Collection Device can collect and preserve superior oral samples for molecular detection of DNA, such as qPCR and high-throughput sequencing. This product can be used to generate high-quality DNA from saliva and can be widely used in the department of endocrinology, stomatology, infectious diseases and psychiatric disease analysis, as well as in the fields of drug quarantine and animal husbandry, etc.


Compared with salivary DNA, salivary RNA is more labile, especially due to the ribonucleases present in saliva. To solve this problem, CD Genomics have identified some macromolecules that can protect salivary RNA from ribonucleases. MicroCollect™ Saliva RNA Collection Devices collect saliva by directly spitting into a non-toxic buffer preservative solution until the amount of saliva reaches the fill line. Saliva samples can be used in clinical, biochemical and molecular analysis.


“CD Genomics concentrates on supplying the high-quality services and products for labs and research institutes. We guarantee the developed products and services, which are customized, can meet the demands of our clients, who believe in our scientists and CD Genomics”, said Dr. David.

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