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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Builds an Exclusive Regulatory Resource Section on Its Website

October 20, 2020

NY, NY - Oct 21, 2020 - For customers who are not familiar with industry regulations, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has recently built an exclusive section of regulatory resource section for them on its website for reference purposes. Missioned to provide testing services as efficiently as possible so as to maximize customers' profits, the Lab has constantly intensifying its efforts by providing more valuable insights into the industry in the form of white-papers or flyers.

Generally speaking, regulatory institutions will publishes relevant regulations and provides official interpretations on the testing of various items such as drug or alcohol, regarding issues like how to conduct tests, and the evaluation and treatment procedures that are necessary.

“The regulations do not stay unchanged. They are changing and evolving with time,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab. “So we build this special section to facilitate our customers and equip them with strong back-up knowledge. When they have confusion or puzzle with the latest regulatory files, they may come to your website and have a search.”

The regulatory resources are diversely ranged, covering fields and industries like Building Products, Stationery And Office Supplies, Household And Apparel Products, Materials, Healthcare Products, Fine Chemical Products, Personal Care & Beauty Products, Agricultural Products & Crops, Children Products, Foods, Petroleum Products Environment, etc. Customers can search resources by just clicking tags.

For instance, regarding pharmaceutical industry, the post USP 467- Regulation for Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals has explained issues like the classification of solvents, limits of residual solvents, and identification of residual solvents, which may provide some reference information for clients who are involved with drug development.

Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is the world's leading third-party testing company, which can provide one-stop materials testing solutions for manufacturers who produce alloys, metals, metallurgical materials. For more information about Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab’s regulatory resources, please visit

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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is striving to help clients worldwide solve problems in analytical testing. And with sincere gratitude to customer, the lab has grown to be a well-established brand in the industry. Known for both unparalleled expertise and advanced testing equipment, the lab has received wide recognition in various analytical testing services. Overall the task of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is to reduce product quality risks, protect health and safety, enhance market advantage, and transfer trust value.