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PhenoTips® launches Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires that automatically generate pedigrees using patient-entered data

January 20, 2021



Sonakshi Bhattacharya | Head of Marketing


PhenoTips® launches Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires that automatically generate pedigrees using patient-entered data

Toronto, Ontario: PhenoTips, creator of the world’s first complete Genomic Health Record™, has launched a digital tool that automatically generates pedigrees from patient-entered information. Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires are delivered virtually to patients, building pedigrees and patient records in advance of a patient’s initial consultation, which improves the appointment efficiency by over 50% due to the elimination of manual data entry.

Burnout continues to be a pressing issue for the medical genetics community, and since the average genetic professional spends more than twice as much time on administrative and data-entry-related activities when compared to patient interactions, Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires are designed to redirect time towards quality care. In addition to attentive care, a patient’s experience is further improved by relieving the pressure of having to come up with their medical and family history on the spot.

“When the Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaire is sent to the patient beforehand, they have time to collect this information, reach out to the relevant family members, and sometimes even review their own medical records. Having time to process and collect that information before an in-clinic visit is very helpful, and that helps with the completeness and accuracy of the information that the clinician captures.” Says PhenoTips’ Senior Product Manager, Akshat Khanna.

When used in combination with PhenoTips’ Cancer Risk Assessment tool, Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires promote preventative care with automatically generated cancer risk scores that identify high-risk patients before their initial consultation.

PhenoTips’ Chief Executive Officer, Orion Buske notes, “As genetic sequencing becomes common practice in medicine, genetic professionals are experiencing record levels of fatigue and burnout. We hope that by automating manual tasks with tools like our Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires, genetic counselors and geneticists can focus on what really matters, their wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of their patients.”

Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires can act as a stand-alone tool, or integrate with a clinic’s EHR or EHR’s patient-facing portal, such as Epic’s MyChart or Cerner’s MyHealth. To learn more about Pre-Visit Patient Questionnaires visit

About PhenoTips: PhenoTips challenges the status quo of medical care in genetics, working towards a future where genetic data is unified, rather than siloed, to empower life-saving care. Founded in 2014 out of a research project at SickKids Hospital and the University of Toronto, PhenoTips’ software is designed to solve the problems commonly faced in medical genetics, with a Genomic Health Record System that makes data standardized, interoperable, and usable. PhenoTips’ solutions are used in over 60 countries by leading hospitals and research institutions.