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ComputaBio Introduces Molecular Dynamics Analysis Services to Drug Development Scientists

January 27, 2021

ComputaBio, a supplier of professional computational biology solutions located in the US, introduces its molecular dynamics analysis services to drug development scientists worldwide. The company keeps expanding its capabilities and continuously enlarges its service portfolio in computational biology.


Current years have witnessed a creeping-up tide of computer-aided drug development. Molecular dynamics (MD), as a powerful supplement to theoretical calculations and experimental methods, has been increasingly popular in the drug development industry. However, molecular dynamics simulations return fast calculation as well as highly complex data. To extract the useful information from the data, further accurate analysis of the data is needed.


To satisfy scientists’ needs in analyzing such complex data, ComputaBio launches its molecular dynamics analysis services. The company carries out a variety of molecular dynamics analysis services for global customers, including but are not limited to RMSD analysis, RMSF analysis, PCA analysis, hydrophobic interaction analysis, electrostatic interaction analysis, binding tree energy decomposition analysis, K-means clustering, and hierarchical clustering. Besides, the company claims to ensure high calculation accuracy in a shorter calculation period.


“Molecular dynamics simulations do save a lot of time and labor cost.” Says Gary Williams, Senior Scientist of ComputaBio, “Within just 3-5 days, we can provide you with the raw data and the calculation result, fitting your needs and bringing a beneficial perspective to your ongoing project.”


“Compared with biological and chemical experiments, you save a lot of funds for molecular dynamics simulations.” Adds Gary, “With a team of data analysis experts, our MD analysis services help you to save more.”


To better support scientists in drug development, ComputaBio also provides drug design, biological data analysis, protein sequence analysis, protein structure modeling, virtual screening, and other computational biology solutions. Visit the company’s website ( for more information of its services as well as the company itself. Also, the company can be easily reached via The staff works at regular business hours from Monday to Friday.


About ComputaBio:

Located in the US, ComputaBio is a supplier providing professional computational biology services for research institutions and biotech companies worldwide. As a client-oriented company, ComputaBio is committed to ensure work quality and improve cost effectiveness with the help of a team of experienced scientists. The company provides a variety of services in computational biology, providing access to the latest tools, technologies and expertise at a competitive price and fast turnaround time. Except for molecular dynamics analysis services, the company also excels at computational protein analysis, biological data analysis, molecular docking, and other services to fit your drug development requirements.