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Creative Bioarray Provides Cell Patterning Customization and Detection Services for Drug Screening

September 22, 2022

Creative Bioarray, a leading customer-centered biotechnology company and a pioneer with the latest technology of cell patterning, has advanced cell patterning technology to provide customers with optimization and personalized control of experimental conditions. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its cell patterning customization and detection services that can be applied to overcome the defects of traditional culture, realize 3D cell culture, and support further drug screening projects.


Currently, traditional 2D in vitro culture techniques have been unable to reproduce the complexity of in vivo findings, while 3D models have been shown to reproduce unprecedented clues from their natural environment. 3D cellular organization is very important for the function of a given tissue. In addition, the 3D arrangement of cells in blood vessels, nerves, heart, and muscles plays an integral role in their overall function. 3D cell patterning techniques have rapidly emerged to address this challenge.


Physiologically relevant models created by 3D cell patterning of Creative Bioarray can provide key insights into physiological or pathological processes relevant to health maintenance and disease control, and provide a powerful platform for cell biology research, tissue engineering research, new drug development, and toxicity screening. Currently, its main applications include tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, organ-on-a-chip and drug screening.


Creative Bioarray has the leading technology to create functional 3D patterns in hydrogels, 3D cellular patterns are defined as the biological functional heterogeneity located inside the hydrogel, thus defining the biochemical and structural characteristics of the hydrogel space, mainly using methods including light, chemical design, microfluidics, 3D printing, and non-contact forces involving electric, magnetic, acoustic fields or themselves.


In addition, Creative Bioarray's technology is not only 3D cell culture, but also can use 3D cell models to provide customers with further research, physicochemical clues, reconstruct the in vivo environment, and more accurately predict the efficacy or toxicity of drug treatment. Creative Bioarray can provide services mainly for organoid models, primary cell spheroid models, cancer spheroid models, drug screening through in vitro 3D cell models, and monitoring biology in 3D cultures.


Our 3D cell patterning technology can generate uniform, reproducible, and functional spheroids and organoids that mimic the function and structure of cells in vivo, reconstruct physical and chemical cues of the internal environment, and complex interactions between cells and their microenvironments. said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, Our scientists are capable to develop customized solutions to satisfy specific requirements.


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