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Vyasa Adds Real-Time Dashboards to Layar Data Fabric

September 26, 2022

BOSTON, September 27, 2022 -- Vyasa, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep learning A.I. analytics software for healthcare, life sciences and business applications, today introduces its latest application interface, Signal. Featuring an intuitive design, Signal enables users to monitor trends and identify anomalies in their Layar data fabric through highly-visual charts and graphs delivered in a single dashboard. 


According to industry analysts between 80-90% of organizational data created today is unstructured. While rich in insight, the complexity of this data makes it increasingly difficult to analyze efficiently, requiring many to rely on manual processes to find the information they need. Vyasa leverages proprietary deep learning models to accelerate this process, allowing users to search and identify insights from their data. Signal is the latest application interface developed by Vyasa to make this data easy to analyze in low code.


Key Features of Signal include: 

  • Visualize term usage and frequency in your data via line, bar and pie charts.

  • Monitor terms and concepts of interest across multiple cloud and on-premise data sources without having to move or replicate files.

  • Discover common concepts that relate to your terms of interest.

  • Identify emerging terms and trends with named entity recognition.

  • Receive real-time alerts to events in your data.

  • Filter charts and graphs to receive dynamic results for comparisons and reporting.

  • Query across multiple data sources and file types.


“Today’s organizations face significant data accessibility challenges - from content being stored across multiple silos to managing various structured and unstructured file formats to outdated processes for collecting and analyzing data that are time and resource intensive,” said Vyasa Founder & CEO, Dr. Christopher Bouton. “At Vyasa we’re developing cutting-edge deep learning technologies to address this issue and Signal is an excellent example of that. Now users can quickly access the insights they need in charts and graphs which are familiar and easy to analyze without having to worry about finding the data or having the technical acumen to develop a code or query to collect the information they’re seeking.”


Signal is being used across a variety of industries to help users to monitor trends, identify needs in the market, discover emerging technologies, streamline competitor intelligence and more. It joins Vyasa’s suite of deep learning applications powered by its Layar data fabric, including Axon dynamic knowledge graph capability, Cortex data fabric creation and management, Synapse “smart table” technology, and Retina image management and analysis. Vyasa can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud as a fully containerized application.


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About Vyasa:

Founded in 2016, Vyasa Analytics provides highly-scalable deep learning software and analytics for healthcare, life sciences and business applications. Vyasa’s technologies enable organizations to integrate and access data across disparate silos, regardless of location or structure. With Vyasa’s collection of deep learning applications, users can ask complex questions across large-scale data sets and gain critical insights to make faster, more accurate, business decisions. For more information, please visit