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AxisPharm's research in the field of bioanalysis and PK drive

October 9, 2022

AxisPharm is a San Diego based bioanalytical LC/MS/MS service provider with more than 25 years' experience in the field.

AxisPharm develops a broad range of cutting-edge tools and provide design/custom synthesis service for life science research including bioconjugation, diagnostics, biomaterials and therapeutic applications. As a chemistry technology company, AxisPharm has a team of highly skillful synthetic organic chemists with extensive experience in bioconjugate techniques and chemical biology research.

May 2018, AxisPharm acquired HT-Labs, a well-established analytical service company in San Diego. HT-Labs has a broad customer base nationwide. To better serve the existing customers and to meet the growing demand for analytical services, the company plans to expand the service to chiral analysis/purifications, Prep HPLC, FPLC, etc.

AxisPharm merged HT-Labs into a new analytical services division, specializing in mass spectrometry, HPLC separation, structure elucidation, and pre-clinic PK Studies. AxisPharm facility is currently equipped with numerous LC/MS systems, GC/MS, HPLC, Pre-HPLC, Orbitrap and a MALDI-TOF.

AxisPharm bioanalytical chemistry department specializes in developing and validating robust bioanalytical methods for PK/TK sample analysis of small molecules, proteins, peptides, and metabolites using LCMS/MS (HPLC, UPLC, on-line SPE), HPLC/UV, and HPLC/FL. AxisPharm have experience analyzing API and metabolites in various biological matrices and can provide bioanalytical support throughout all the stages of drug development.

For companies large and small, AxisPharm offer comprehensive service unmatched by similar analytical departments, all at an affordable cost.

AxisPharm is also a dedicated special chemical provider. At AxisPharm, we strive to provide our clients with special chemicals that are of the highest possible quality. AxisPharm collaborates with the world leading special chemical providers to eliminate the supply chain issues the end users are facing.

AxisPharm featured products include various PEG linker such as peptide linkers, BCN, DBCO, tetrazine, TCO functionalized crosslinkers for ADC drug research and site-specific molecular probes, fluorescent dye probes, etc.

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