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BOC Sciences Honored To Assist in the Antibody Research With High-Quality Chemicals

October 9, 2022

BOC Sciences' chemical products have been applied in a wide range of research projects and helped achieve groundbreaking breakthroughs.


Whether or not maternal vertically transferred antibodies can protect newborns against internally-replicating pathogens has remained a key unanswered question. Now, a new article Pregnancy enables antibody protection against intracellular infection published in Nature sheds light on this query.


The team led by Dr. John Erickson finds that pregnancy changes the structure of sugars attached to antibodies, enabling mothers to protect their babies. These findings, the researchers say, could not only pave the way for novel targeted therapies for pregnant mothers and babies, but could also influence the field of antibody-based therapeutics more generally.


BOC Sciences, the leading (bio)chemical manufacturer and supplier, is honored to have contributed to this research program by offering a high-quality product CMP-9-O-Ac-Neu5Ac. The research team once turned to BOC Sciences for material outsourcing and expressed their concerns about product quality. Thankfully, BOC Sciences has mature systems of process development and quality control to guarantee the production of satisfactory CMP-9-O-Ac-Neu5Ac.


The successful cooperation with Dr. John Erickson's lab is the epitome of BOC Sciences' global prospect to serve the scientific and industrial communities with top (bio)chemicals. Over the years, it has partnered with a large number of labs, institutions, and companies specializing in various areas like food, pharma, agriculture, and cosmetics. According to the statistics, most of its customers deem BOC Sciences a reliable chemical supplier and they are willing to set up long-term partnerships.


The sales director summaries three core advantages that have won BOC Sciences continuous progress:


1. Comprehensive product categories

BOC Sciences has a vast product portfolio that can cover almost every market need. In line with the applications, products are classified into three categories for drug discovery, chemistry, and life sciences. If exploring further, customers can discover Nucleosides, Nucleotides, Phosphoramidites, and more for their exclusive projects. The current hottest COVID-19 related raw materials are also offered at preferential prices.


2. CDMO services for commercial production

Equipped with massive manufacturing capacities and strict quality control systems, BOC Sciences have served numerous projects from developmental phases to commercial production. Thanks to the 4 advanced plants located in China, its annual output now reaches 1,000 metric tons, completely sufficient for most industrial needs. Given that every customer may have unique requirements, BOC Sciences highlights the importance of customization for process R&D, analytical development, synthesis, scale-up, or final product production for APIs or chemical macromolecules, etc. 


3. Social responsibility

BOC Sciences is a commercial entity. But it also undertakes the social responsibility of environmental care, talent training, industry communication, etc. Recently, a free webinar Viral RNA Modifications and Implications for Novel Therapeutics was held on September 19th, 11:00 EDT, where Dr. David Courtney brought an informative speech to the attendees. The on-demand recording is now available on the webinar webpage.


To access more information about the (bio)chemical manufacturer, please visit its online hub at



BOC Sciences is a manufacturer of massive high-quality (bio)chemicals. The whole production process of BOC Sciences is rigorously controlled in line with the guidelines and limits described in the international pharmacopeia monographs, enabling it to become a preferred partner in the industry.