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CyncHealth to Showcase Successful Partnership at Lyniate Customer Conference Leading HIE Partners with Lyniate on Interoperability Suite to Power Regional Data Exchange

October 18, 2022

Boston, MA and La Vista, NE – October 19, 2022 –CyncHealth, the designated health information exchange (HIE) for Nebraska and western Iowa, will present on its partnership with Lyniate, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, at the CONNECT 22customer conference. CyncHealth CEO, Dr. Jaime Bland, and Chief Data Officer, Dr. Naresh Sundar Rajan, will discuss how components of the Lyniate Interoperability Suite power the HIE and support its most critical initiatives.  


CyncHealth partners with Lyniate for its market-leading interoperability solutions including Lyniate Rhapsody®, with its unmatched ability to synchronize a variety of data standards, and Lyniate EMPI powered by NextGate, a best-of-breed enterprise master patient index. These products, along with the HealthTerm®terminology management solution and the Lyniate Corepointinterface engine, make up the Lyniate Interoperability Suite – a comprehensive offering to help healthcare providers and health networks, payers, and public health departments power more meaningful data exchange. 


“The healthcare industry must focus on a more holistic view of interoperability – not only do we need a secure, flexible solution to efficiently exchange information with other entities, but we also need to ensure that the data is clean and standardized,” said Scott Galbari, President, COO, and CISO of Lyniate. “CyncHealth understands our unique vision of delivering an enhanced and connected interoperability suite, and we see the organization as a vital partner in helping us move healthcare data interoperability forward.”  


By partnering with Lyniate, CyncHealth was able to consolidate down from 14 disparate systems for sharing and connecting data to two, leading to tremendous cost savings and more efficient operations. One of these integrated systems, Lyniate EMPI, helps ensure records stay connected to drive more efficient, better-quality care as healthcare data becomes increasingly federated. With it, CyncHealth was able to achieve a transactional identity data match rate of more than 95%, significantly increasing the accuracy of the information it shares amongst its participants. 


As the partnership grew and matured, CyncHealth leveraged the Lyniate solutions to support several health and wellness initiatives including: 


  • Empowering Nebraskans to self-refer to meet their health and social needs, helping them connect with more than 4,000 health and social agencies and programs to improve health and health equity across the state 
  • Providing Nebraskans access to their health data through a web-based application that brings an individual’s health information from multiple providers into one place to be accessed and used as they see fit 
  • Utilizing data exchange and population health analytics capabilities to provide critical insights to inform the region’s COVID-19 response activities for those affected by the virus 


“Our users rely on us to deliver comprehensive patient information to support their various clinical and business objectives, and they value our ability to create a holistic picture and comprehensive longitudinal record of each patient in our region through data,” said Jaime Bland, CEO of CyncHealth. “Lyniate helps us put the power of data to work for better health outcomes, lower costs, and thriving communities. Bringing data exchange, identity data management, and terminology management together into a suite is an inspired idea and well aligned with our business challenges.” 


CyncHealth will be joining Lyniate executives and customers from across the country in Frisco, Texas, October 24-28 at Lyniate CONNECT 22, the premiere event for healthcare interoperability networking and learning. Presentations will dive into topics like migrating to the cloud, working with APIs, and the changing interoperability landscape. 


About Lyniate:  
Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering a flexible interoperability suite that reliably connects people and the quality data they need. As a trusted partner, Lyniate powers the applications and workflows that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes today while helping healthcare teams to understand, prepare for, and influence changes on the horizon. Lyniate is committed to empowering people with Best-in-KLAS® ranking interoperability solutions for healthcare, from specialty clinics to large care networks, from health insurance providers to health technology, and everything in between. Visit https://lyniate.comto connect. 


About CyncHealth: 

CyncHealth is the designated health information exchange (HIE) for Nebraska and western Iowa, connecting over 5 million lives and 1,135 facilities and counting. These cross-connections are community-wide, consisting of hospitals, specialty hospitals, rural health clinics, specialty clinics, long-term post-acute care facilities, and other entities that have valuable data for monitoring the health of populations. CyncHealth participating clinicians can better care for patients by having instant access to comprehensive and longitudinal health history, including patient encounter-level reports, diagnostic history, allergies, immunizations, and laboratory results from participating facilities. For more information, visit 


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