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CD BioGlyco Constructures a Glycoengineered P. pastoris Expression System for Research Use

October 24, 2022

CD BioGlyco, with years of experience in glycoengineering, has solved a large number of shortcomings of the expression systems and brought customers high-quality cell lines to produce glycoproteins. Recently, the company established a glycoengineered P. pastoris expression system which overcomes the excessive glycosylation and the final glycoprotein produced has a uniform low-molecular sugar chain.


The Pichia pastoris expression system is known for its fast growth, simple culture, and ability to execute glycosylation of proteins. It has been acknowledged as a potent tool for large-scale protein expression and is widely used in bioengineering. Yeast first forms a Man9GlcNAc2 sugar chain through the activity of 1,6 mannose transferase produced by the och1 gene, which causes the continual addition of numerous mannoses to the sugar chain, resulting in a high mannose chain Man10-100GlcNAc2 that differs from that of mammalian cells.


CD BioGlyco uses genetic engineering to change the glycosylation pathway of P. pastoris. It created a glycoengineered P. pastoris expression system by knocking out the och1 gene and inserting mannosidase.


This new expression platform can generate glycoproteins with glycosylation characteristics similar to mammalian systems. It offers the advantages of a short production cycle, low cost, high yield, ease of operation, and being suitable to industrialized scale-up production, and will have a substantial impact on protein expression and biopharmaceuticals.


Services at CD BioGlyco include, but are not limited to, the following procedures.


l  Create the target protein gene sequence, insert tags, optimize codons, and synthesize genes

l  Clone the target protein gene into the P. pastoris expression vector

l  Transform the generated expression vector into the glycoengineered P. pastoris strain

l  Large-scale cultivation and target protein expression

l  Purify and test the target protein's concentration and purity

l  Repack or freeze-dry the target protein according to the customer's specifications


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