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Pretreatment Chemicals Make Electroplating More Efficient

October 31, 2022

Dedicated to the electroplating industry, Alfa Chemistry recently announced its initiative to offer a complete line of pretreatment chemicals for various application scenarios in electroplating.


As the coating process is employed to enhance the durability of materials like metal and plastic, electroplating has become a must during the manufacture of consumer products, such as automobiles, functional materials, and outdoor equipment.


Electroplating involves different complexities depending on the plating materials and base materials that were chosen. “Basically, a comprehensive and all-coverage pretreatment process is needed to perform to substrate surfaces, thus meeting certain requirements concerning to, e.g., roughness, activation, and level of cleanliness. All contaminants such as soil, dirt, stain, oxide film, grease, and oil on substrates need to be removed to achieve optimum electroplating effect.” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “To smooth the pretreatment process, different chemicals, such as alkaline cleaner and acid, can be used, which were also referred to as the pretreatment chemicals.”


Pretreatment chemicals supplied by Alfa Chemistry are listed below:


Heavy Duty Degreasers

Such chemicals consist of strong detergency and are hence suitable for removing grease, oil, and dirt on metal parts made of steel, copper, and copper alloys. Considering their low surface tension and good penetrability, heavy-duty degreasers are also a perfect selection for the pretreatment of tubular parts.


Alloy Degreasing Additives

Such chemicals are perfect for auto electro-production use, especially for cleaning non-ferrous metal parts and zinc & zinc-based alloy parts. Alloy degreasing additives cause no damage to substrates and have long-lasting effects.


Electrolysis Degreasing Powders

Such chemicals are powerful and can quickly degrease dirt of steel, copper & copper-base alloy, which also reserve strong penetrability and emulsifying ability.


Alloy Electrolytic Degreasers

Such chemicals are effective and safe for the removal of grease on zinc alloys & aluminum alloys. Moreover, they are corrosion-resistant.


Alkaline Cleaning Additives

Such chemicals have strong emulsifying and oil degreasing ability. Moreover, alkaline cleaning additives can achieve better effects when used in combination with ultrasonic cleaning.


Acid Cleaning Additives

Such chemicals have a strong ability to remove oxide film, rust, and oil smut on the steel surface.


Wax Release Additives

Such chemicals behave well in heat dipping or ultrasonic cleaning.



Such chemicals have strong binding forces and can remove rusting, soldering dirt, and zinc coating from steel substrates.


Chemical Stripping Additives

Such chemicals are applicable for chemical stripping to Cu and Ni plating deposits on zinc alloy parts.


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As a customer-first chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry strives to meet the needs of all walks of life. Electroplating is an electrodeposition process that has been used for various purposes. In order to better support researchers’ efforts in such an area, Alfa Chemistry decides to deliver both chemical supply and technical help. As for now, a full range of pretreatment chemicals, electroplating intermediates, electroplating additives, and post-treatment chemicals are available.