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Rising Prevalence of Isotope Labeling Carbohydrates Drives Innovations at BOC Sciences

November 1, 2022

Based on extensive experience and advanced technologies, BOC Sciences has been working with partners to design and manufacture labeled carbohydrates including isotope (2H, 13C, 15N, 18O, etc.) labeled glucose, fructose, galactose, ribose, sucrose, fucose, arabinose, and derivatives.


Stable isotope labeling consists of using non-radioactive isotopes as tracers in biochemical systems. The most obvious benefit is the non-hazardous nature of the label and the minimized need for protective measures, which could greatly free researchers from the fatigue and stress that occur when working with hazardous materials. By the way, the cost and expenditure are also reduced when running a non-radioactive lab. In view of the ample advantages, BOC Sciences' technical team started their project of developing a comprehensive stable isotope labeling platform at an early stage, which has harvested numerous fruits -- a long list of isotope labeled compounds covering the most market needs.


"Compounds labeled with stable isotopes maintain physicochemical properties, allowing consistent interactions within biochemical pathways. This method applies to many molecules as well as carbohydrates," the chief technician of BOC Sciences explained, "isotope-labeled carbohydrates can trace the entire molecule or specific atom to reveal quantitative and qualitative analysis of carbohydrates and substances related to metabolism pathways."


BOC Sciences attaches much attention to the innovation in isotopically labeled carbohydrates, expecting to facilitate studies on carbohydrate metabolism that plays significant roles in various biochemical processes. In addition to offering bulk in-stock labeled carbohydrates, stable isotope labeling services can be undertaken on a custom basis by its synthetic team, aiming to deliver "the best one" that fits a specific need.


A regular customer once reviewed, "BOC Sciences provides the smoothest custom project workflow that I have ever experienced. I just filled in the request form online and then received swift approval of my quotation. Later, the required labeled carbohydrates were delivered within one week. BOC Sciences is indeed an efficient partner!"


More information about the company's stable isotope labeling expertise can be learned at



BOC Sciences is a group that excels and focuses on chemistry and biology. Its expertise in isotope labeling chemistry runs across stock labeled compounds to customized production services. It can work up to a very large scale but always maintain the highest quality, thereby being praised as a trustworthy partner in the market.