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Full-Scale PROTAC In Vivo Evaluation Services to Facilitate PROTAC Drug R&D

November 6, 2022

In the process of drug development, the evaluation of drug effectiveness is one of the keys to determining whether prodrugs can sufficiently reach the market stage. BOC Sciences, as a professional contract research organization, can take care of the PROTAC in vivo evaluation workload for clients with a transparent project process and comprehensive evaluation reports to facilitate their PROTAC discovery and development programs prior to clinical trials.


According to the classification of drugs and the characteristics of pharmacological effects, the efficacy and mechanism of drugs are reflected through appropriate in vitro and in vivo models, providing a basis for new drug development and supporting clinical research. Traditionally, toxicity and safety evaluations of drugs are completed utilizing preclinical animal trials. In terms of PROTAC drug discovery and development, in vivo animal experiments can guide pilot optimizations to ensure low toxicity and better ADME performance.


BOC Sciences has established an advanced and comprehensive PROTAC service platform to deliver R&D outsourcing services for customers with requirements in preclinical safety evaluations, with repeatable data and a rapid research cycle. Its PROTAC in vivo evaluation services encompass general studies of toxicology and in vivo pharmacokinetics, tests of allergy and in vitro hemolysis, as well as immunotoxicology analysis.


Scientists of BOC Sciences can fully elucidate drug toxicity by evaluating single administration, multiple administrations, dose range exploration, or maximum tolerance within animal models. In terms of in vivo pharmacokinetic analysis, toxicity tests are conducted in the processes of fertility and early embryonic development, embryonic-fetal development, and perinatal stage based on specific experimental rats. Additionally, immunotoxicology analysis is evaluated through tissue across reaction, immunophenotypic analysis, T cell-dependent antibody response, etc. Meanwhile, hypersensitivity, hemolysis, irritation, and other necessary actions will also be analyzed via allergy tests and in vitro hemolysis tests.


BOC Sciences is committed to evaluating the comprehensive toxicity of PROTAC candidates, thus uncovering the ADME pharmacological properties. With the help of its professional team and practical experience in drug evaluation, the company can assist researchers in bringing more PROTAC drugs to the market. In addition, clients can customize the laboratory design to best suit individual projects by consulting with experts for free.


About BOC Sciences

As a leading manufacturer and service provider in drug research and discovery, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based molecular drug discovery, which has become a promising strategy in drug discovery. In possession of the comprehensive and advanced platforms, the company provides PROTAC services and related products for customers worldwide to meet new drug discovery goals.