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Matexcel Enlarged Its Offerings for Co-based Metal Powder Products

November 6, 2022

Matexcel, a biotechnology company professional in powder metallurgy research and development, metal processing, and additive manufacturing, recently enlarged its offerings for Co-based metal powder products for wider application.


Co alloys are recommended for use in orthopedic implants due to their high wear resistance. Alloys based on cobalt share some characteristics with stainless steels. They typically have an FCC crystal structure and contain alloying elements like Cr, Ni, Mo, and N. Similar to stainless steels, chromium oxide forms a passive layer that provides corrosion resistance. Cobalt alloys typically have a higher carbon content than implantable stainless steels, which leads to the formation of carbides distributed by the material and encourages an improvement in adhesive wear resistance. Cobalt-based alloys have superior corrosion resistance compared to stainless steel, which is combined with their high wear resistance. Alloys based on cobalt have the best values for mechanical properties.


Metal additive manufacturing is now widely used in aerospace and biomedical applications due to its high degree of customization and low production volumes. Cobalt-based alloys are widely used in dental prostheses and can be produced more conveniently than traditional manufacturing techniques using metal additive manufacturing, or powder bed fusion.


Matexcel now offers multifunctional cobalt-based alloys ranging from fine powders to nanostructured materials. To ensure high quality and consistency of the final products, Matexcel equips its facility with a modernized testing laboratory, advanced production equipment, and standard production technology.


Now, Co-based metal powder products with different particle sizes at Matexcel mainly include: Cobalt-based CoCrW Powder, Cobalt-based CoCrMo Powder, Cobalt-based CoCrMoW Powder, Cobalt-based GH5188 Powder, Cobalt-based GH5605 Powder, and   Cobalt-based GH5941 Powder.


Brief introduction about one of the products mentioned above:



Product Name     

Cobalt-based CoCrMo Powder

Particle Size 

15-45μm; 15-53μm; 53-120μm; 53-150μm


Cobalt-based alloys are commonly known as high wear-resistant material. Currently, it is commonly used for dental restoration, e.g., dental bridge, dental crown, denture and etc.


More detailed information about the whole list of Co-based metal powder products provided by Matexcel can be viewed here: