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Embracing Innovation–BOC Sciences Strengthens the Production of Cosmetics Ingredients

November 23, 2022

It's verified by BOC Sciences officials that the critical specialty chemical distearyl phthalic acid amide is now in steady supply, aiming to accelerate the development of cosmetics industry.


As a science-driven chemical manufacturer, BOC Sciences has been sticking to its path of innovation since its inception. Over the decades, its product portfolio has expanded to the fields of chemistry, drug discovery, and life sciences. Recently, its distearyl phthalic acid amide got into the sights of cosmetics industry due to its broad scope of applications.


Distearyl phthalic acid amide, also known as N, N-Stearyl phthalic acid amide or N, N-Tollow phthalic acid amide, is proven to be applicable for manufacturing some cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. They can function as emulsifiers, suspending agents for cosmetics, triglycerides, mineral oil, silicones, and surfactants for pharmaceuticals. According to a market report released by MarketWatch in August 2022, the distearyl phthalic acid amide market segment by application mainly involves cosmetics, skin care products, and hair care products.


The BOC Sciences marketing manager also confirms that a large portion of their distearyl phthalic acid amide products is employed in the R&D of cosmetics and skin care products. "We have carried out after-sales tracking and revealed that our distearyl phthalic acid amides are mostly used in shampoo, body cleanser, conditioner, exfoliant(scrub), and masks," he added, "it also certifies that BOC Sciences is capable of serving not only pharmaceutical but also cosmetics industry."


The production process of distearyl phthalic acid amide at BOC Sciences goes through strict inspections to guarantee the best quality. "We are equipped with a complete set of analytical instruments to satisfy the requirements of both regulations and customers. We won't charge anything if the product quality fails to meet your expectations," the manager decidedly promised. Its current in-stock distearyl phthalic acid amide products have a purity level of at least 95%. If customers would like a higher purity level or have some specific requirements, they are encouraged to inquire the sales team about customization services.


The success of distearyl phthalic acid amide greatly boosts BOC Sciences' confidence in developing more high-quality cosmetics ingredients. An increase in investment in this field is being projected by its forward-looking team, and a batch of novel products will be announced shortly. Customers who are interested in cosmetics ingredients can keep an eye on BOC Sciences' product updates at



BOC Sciences is a manufacturer of massive high-quality (bio)chemicals, serving multiple areas including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and life sciences. The whole production process at BOC Sciences is rigorously controlled in line with the guidelines and limits described in the international pharmacopeia monographs, enabling it to become a preferred partner in the competitive marketplace.