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Alfa Chemistry Newly Releases Catalyst Analysis, Screening, Manufacturing, and Characterization Services

February 26, 2023

The US-located chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry recently released a comprehensive range of catalyst analysis, screening, manufacturing, and characterization services for customers worldwide.


“In possession of a profound understanding of catalyst preparations and applications, our catalyst experts can perform manufacturing according to the client’s formula under various application scenarios, such as automobile, battery manufacturing, fuel cell, hydrogen storage, oil and natural gas, solar energy, and water treatment. Our support covers all stages, from initial design all the way to scale-up and commercialization,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.


Catalyst Screening, Manufacturing, and Characterization

Alfa Chemistry’s extensive expertise allows it to conduct a range of design, scale-up, and manufacturing services for catalysts according to customers’ needs. Using a variety of preparation, screening, and characterization techniques, Alfa Chemistry is devoted to accelerating product development and commercialization of novel catalysts. Witnessing the great potential and popularity of nanocatalysts among researchers, Alfa Chemistry is now able to synthesize a series of inorganic nanocatalysts based on different requirements, covering shapes, sizes, dimensions, and compositions.


Meanwhile, as biopolymer-derived catalysts exhibited outstanding catalytic capabilities for chemical transformations, Alfa Chemistry’s synthesis team also made efforts to support nanocatalysts derived from natural polysaccharides, such as cellulose, starch, alginate, gum, pectin, chitin, and chitosan.


Catalyst Analysis

A thorough catalyst analysis and testing can help determine whether the new catalyst meets specifications, operates as expected, or can be further reused after separation and regeneration. Alfa Chemistry is capable of conducting a comprehensive series of analytical testing on various catalysts, including: Activity Detection, Life Prediction, Mechanical Testing, Physical Performance Analysis, FCC Catalyst Testing, and High Throughput Catalyst Testing.


“All in all, for every catalyst analysis, screening, manufacturing, or characterization project, we strictly follow confidentiality standards and ensure project information security so as to abide by trade secrets and protect intellectual property rights for our customers,” said a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry.


In addition to the customized services mentioned above, Alfa Chemistry supplies over 200 chiral catalysts and offers insightful suggestions on chiral ligand design. Symmetric catalysis is currently the most effective strategy for chiral synthesis. Some chiral catalysts, such as strychnine and sparteine, are natural products that consist of no modification, while other chiral catalysts are derived from natural substances such as alkaloids, amino acids, carboxylic acids, chiral carbohydrates, and terpenoids. Of course, synthetic chiral catalysts also exist, occupying a relatively large proportion.


For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s catalyst offerings, please visit or email the company directly.



All varieties of catalysts, such as ligands, metal catalysts, non-metal catalysts, guard catalysts, and nanocatalysts supplied by Alfa Chemistry, are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. With concerted efforts from the whole team, Alfa Chemistry has become a stable source of chemicals for many universities, research institutes, and companies. Always prioritizing customer needs, the company continues to broaden its supply range by introducing a larger variety of novel chemicals and materials.