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March 13, 2023

BOSTON, March 14, 2023 – Aria Marketing, a leading healthcare public relations and marketing communications agency, and Escalate PR, the expert-led and staffed communications firm, today announced a strategic partnership that creates a full-service PR and marketing offering for tech and healthcare companies. This partnership was established in response to the rapidly blurring lines between the two disciplines as technologies like AI and synthetic data are quickly transforming healthcare, while increased cybersecurity threats, 5G, telehealth, and regulations governing areas such as patient data are prompting enterprise tech vendors to quickly expand their healthcare offerings. 

Escalate is a veteran-level-only communications firm catering to B2B tech and tech-adjacent industries looking for focused, creative, and impactful brand awareness campaigns delivered by industry pros. Aria Marketing is a highly-respected healthcare IT-focused PR firm with more than 20 years in the market, working with top innovators, from start-ups to the Fortune 500. For pure-play tech or healthcare vendors, Aria and Escalate provide a full suite of marketing services delivered by long-time industry practitioners.

It’s within the intersection of the tech and healthcare industries where hurdles are popping up for marketers struggling to ramp up and generate visibility in entirely new markets without the necessary expertise. And larger enterprises with multiple lines of business have had to bring in point marketing solutions, creating agency bloat and disconnect internally. Aria and Escalate offer the flexibility of an independent agency model and a healthcare and tech service that addresses both sectors’ PR needs. 

Programs are tailored to specific client goals, not some inflexible capabilities template that needs to conform to a holding company’s bottom line profitability percentage. The programs are led by subject matter experts, not inexperienced employees in bolted-on departments within big agencies. 

Expertly devised and professionally executed initiatives include:
strategy and planning 
brand development 
competitive indexing, analysis, and tracking 
media relations and training
analyst relations 
crisis communications 
influencer programs 
content creation 
social media 
thought leadership, such as speaking and industry award programs 
event management 
website development, and much more.       

“As someone who came up in the high-tech PR world, I have been excited to see the accelerating convergence of these two sister markets in recent years,” said Scott Collins, President of Aria. “This partnership is all about flexibility – it allows us to meet the needs of clients whose stories appeal to multiple markets and to let us scale to handle the biggest clients and PR challenges with ample resources for optimal results. Our two firms are so culturally aligned and have such complementary skill sets, and we are confident our combined offering will be a big win for our clients today and as we grow together.”

The Escalate and Aria partnership offers marketers a trusted group of expert partners who act as an extension of the in-house team and are dedicated to their success. The combination is big enough to service the most demanding enterprise campaigns while delivering daily, personalized service. This partnership generates fast, meaningful results and long-lasting relationships that grow as clients succeed.  

“The intersection of tech and healthcare presents marketers with deep challenges, but more opportunities if they can move quickly enough with the right resources to capitalize on them,” said Joel Richman, founder and partner, Escalate PR. “Working with a healthcare marketing icon like Aria Marketing creates a new but proven resource for marketing leads in tech and healthcare IT tasked with leveling up their visibility, tackling new markets created by accelerating technologies, dealing with evolving regulations, and exploiting new markets opened by innovation.”   

About Aria Marketing 
Founded in 1999, Aria Marketing is an award-winning integrated healthcare communications agency providing unmatched strategic expertise, thought leadership-driven PR, compelling creative, and superior client service. For over two decades, Aria has maintained its reputation as healthcare’s leading thought leadership agency, working with some of the biggest, sharpest, and most innovative healthcare organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Its services include public relations; strategic planning, branding and positioning; social media; and creative services.

About Escalate PR
Escalate PR is an agile group of skilled pros with a desire to do right by the clients with which we choose to work. We are not the PR firm for everyone because no matter how many groups, divisions, specialties, or focus big firms try to carve themselves into, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to effective communications. To build impactful programs, we put our own skin in the game. Escalate works with boot-strapped startups, seed- and growth-stage companies, publicly-traded enterprises, and everything in between to reach and influence the audiences that matter most to them.

Ashley Richardson
Aria Marketing

Jill Van Nostran
Escalate PR