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IntegrateRNA Unveils Revolutionary Self-Amplifying RNA In Vitro Synthesis Service

November 27, 2023

IntegrateRNA, a distinct branch of the globally recognized biotechnological company, Creative Biogene, is set to revolutionize the biotech industry with its proprietary self-amplifying RNA in vitro synthesis service. This flagship service features cutting-edge technology to support the synthesis of RNA that can autonomously amplify, generating a robust tool to facilitate medical and scientific research pursuits.


IntegrateRNA's novel service is specially designed to aid researchers in obtaining high quantities of self-amplifying RNA. Such RNA is increasingly recognized as a crucial component in several areas of scientific and medical research, including the development of vaccines, gene therapies and a myriad of other biomedical applications.


As a division of leading biotechnological company Creative Biogene, IntegrateRNA harnesses the power of its parent's resources, technology, and extensive expertise to provide services of unparalleled standard. The introduction of the Self-Amplifying RNA In Vitro Synthesis Service represents a significant step forward in extending the company’s leadership in the RNA and biotechnology sectors.


Focus in the science world is rapidly shifting towards the potential of RNA, not least because of its role in recent mRNA COVID-19 vaccine breakthroughs. This new service from IntegrateRNA offers a reliable and efficient method for RNA synthesis and is set to be an invaluable resource for researchers worldwide.


"In the current scientific landscape, the demand for accurate and efficient RNA synthesis has never been greater," said Director of IntegrateRNA. "We're proud to be at the leading edge of this field, providing a crucial service that will ultimately help to expedite scientific discovery and potentially save lives."


IntegrateRNA's Self-Amplifying RNA In Vitro Synthesis Service leverages advanced biotechnology to quickly and accurately amplify RNA, delivering impeccable results without the need for potentially damaging heat or enzymes. Clients can expect to receive premium service, a detailed report, and expert data analysis.


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About IntegrateRNA 

IntegrateRNA, a division of Creative Biogene, provides comprehensive RNA research services and products to support scientific research and development, such as RNA extraction and purification, RNA sequencing, microRNA expression profiling, and functional analysis. With a unique understanding of RNA research, IntegrateRNA is committed to providing the most suitable solutions to accelerate the pace of scientific research and contribute to the vibrant growth of the biotechnology sector.