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CD Genomics Takes Genomic Research to New Heights with Ribo-seq Technology

November 29, 2023

CD Genomics, a well-established leader in transcriptome solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of Ribosome Profiling technology. This innovative technique promises to provide valuable insights into gene expression, protein synthesis, and regulation, offering potential advancements in the field of RNA translation research.


Ribo-seq is a cutting-edge high-resolution sequencing technology that provides unprecedented insights into the mechanics of protein synthesis. By precisely capturing and measuring the positions of actively translating ribosomes, Ribo-seq allows for the examination of translation sites, rates, as well as post-translational modifications on mRNAs. This technology empowers researchers to explore translation efficiency, initiation sites, regulatory elements, and post-translational modifications on specific genes, offering profound insights into protein synthesis and regulation.


Ribo-seq technology finds its applications across a diverse spectrum of fields within life sciences, including:

(1)      Gene Regulation Studies: Ribo-seq empowers researchers to delve deep into the intricate web of gene regulation by pinpointing the direct influence of transcription factors and miRNAs on gene expression at the translation level.


(2)      Drug Development: CD Genomics' Ribo-seq services play a pivotal role in expediting drug discovery by evaluating the effects of potential drugs on specific proteins, facilitating the identification of promising drug targets.


(3)      Cancer Research: Ribo-seq services offer insights into cancer studies by enabling the identification of translational abnormalities and gene expression changes within tumor cells, ultimately supporting the development of targeted therapies.


(4)      Pathogen Biology: Ribo-seq assists in understanding the mechanisms of infection by identifying infected host cell genes and changes in their translation processes when studying pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.


(5)      Neurobiology: In the field of neuroscience, CD Genomics' Ribo-seq services offer insights into translational regulation in the brain and nervous system, supporting research on neurological disorders and neurodevelopment.


(6)      Plant Biology: Ribo-seq services are pivotal in studying how plants adapt to various growth conditions and environmental stressors, deepening our understanding of gene expression in plants.


As the trusted partner in genomics research, CD Genomics is committed to providing high-quality Ribosome Profiling services marked by:


Cutting-Edge Technology: CD Genomics utilizes the latest sequencing technology and equipment to ensure the highest data quality and reliability.


Expert Team: CD Genomics boasts an experienced research team capable of tailoring experimental designs and data analysis to specific research objectives.


Comprehensive Data Analysis: In addition to delivering raw data, CD Genomics offers a suite of data analysis services, including mRNA quantification, translation initiation site analysis, regulatory element identification, and more.


In addition to Ribosome Profiling, CD Genomics offers a comprehensive range of transcriptomics services, including total RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, full-length RNA sequencing, and more. These services cater to a diverse spectrum of research needs, providing a comprehensive understanding of gene expression and regulatory mechanisms.


"Ribo-seq technology is a transformative tool that empowers researchers to delve deep into the complexities of cellular and biological processes. CD Genomics stands as the trusted partner, delivering high-quality Ribosome Profiling services and enabling researchers to explore the intricacies of gene expression in their research endeavors." stated the senior scientist of CD Genomics.


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