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Increased Comfort and Greater Insight with EnFocus OCT Optimized Design

November 30, 2023

Leica Microsystems, a leading manufacturer of microscopes and scientific instruments, introduces the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope, with the next-generation Integrated EnFocus intraoperative OCT, at the FLORetina ICOOR meeting 2023 in Rome, Italy. This advancement reveals an optimized design, integrating the OCT scan head into the optics carrier, resulting in a 40% reduction in stack height – from 60 mm to 36 mm. The streamlined scan head enables surgeons to adopt a more comfortable and relaxed posture during ophthalmic procedures. Furthermore, surgeons can now obtain a complete image of the anterior chamber with double the scan depth (5mm in total). Enhanced insights are provided during surgery when compared to the previous generation of EnFocus OCT for Proveo 8.


“The new generation of EnFocus OCT now offers a comprehensive view of the entire anterior chamber of the eye, helping you see more at once”, said Oscar Portilla, Clinical Marketing Manager Ophthalmology & OCT at Leica Microsystems. “Additionally, compared to the previous EnFocus OCT for Proveo 8, the newly slimmed-down OCT scan head provides greater compatibility with accessories like the keratoscope, enabling surgeons to visualize the corneal curvature of the eye.”
"We believe it’s important to continuously advance our solutions to support our customers in achieving optimal surgical outcomes. The new generation of EnFocus is the testament to our commitment, allowing surgeons to benefit by adopting a more comfortable approach, gaining deeper insights, and making informed decisions by revealing the invisible”,
 said Stefano Bazzari, Director Global Business Excellence of Medical at Leica Microsystems.


To experience firsthand how the EnFocus intraoperative OCT can support your ophthalmic procedures, we invite you to visit our booth #52 or book an in-person demo at the FLORetina ICOOR meeting 2023: