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Revolutionary Danish Cancer App Set for Nationwide Launch: A Milestone in Digital Healthcare

December 5, 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark: Denmark's healthcare system marks a significant milestone with the national implementation of 'Kræftværket' (The Cancer Forge) from 2024. This pioneering digital health solution, designed for young cancer patients, is a collaboration between Daman, young cancer patients, and healthcare professionals. It aims to alleviate loneliness and enhance disease coping, and the solution is to be implemented across all five Danish regions.

Personalized Support for Young Cancer Patients

Kræftværket, tailored for teenagers and young adults in cancer treatment, offers a comprehensive suite of features including symptom tracking, access to health information, and a supportive online community. Professor Helle Pappot from Rigshospitalet, instrumental in the app's development, highlights its impact: "The solution has been a crucial tool in empowering patients to manage their disease, and thorough our clinical research we have been able to document the positive impact on patient’s quality of life."

Co-Creation: The Heart of Healthcare Innovation

Developed by Daman, a leader in digital health solutions, Kræftværket exemplifies the efficacy of patient-centered design. Andreas Dam, CEO of Daman, emphasizes the importance of this approach: "Our work in co-creation with patients has been pivotal in creating a space that not only provides technological solutions but also emotional support for young cancer patients."

Economic and Global Health Benefits

Jesper Grønbæk, Director of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, highlights the broader implications of the solutions’ national rollout: "This is a landmark in healthcare innovation. It's a win for patients, healthcare professionals, and the economy, setting the stage for international expansion."

A First in Europe

Kræftværket is the first digital health solution of its kind in Europe targeted at young cancer patients for national health system implementation. This initiative has attracted significant attention at international scientific conferences, underscoring Denmark's role as a frontrunner in digital health.

About Daman and HealthBuddy

Daman is a Danish digital healthcare innovator, specializing in patient-centric digital health solutions. HealthBuddy is a leading digital health platform provider, empowering patients with chronic diseases to better manage their conditions and improving healthcare collaboration.

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