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Empower Your Research with Creative Proteomics' Innovative Pull-Down Assay Service

December 26, 2023


Creative Proteomics, a globally recognized proteomics services provider, is excited to announce the expansion of its services with a key focus on Pull-Down Assay Service. This comprehensive proteomic service seeks to help researchers better understand protein-protein interactions, thereby aiding in the discovery and development of groundbreaking therapeutic and diagnostic methods.


The Pull-Down Assay Service provided by Creative Proteomics is an efficient, robust, and vital research tool for exploring protein-protein interaction networks. By coupling the use of bait proteins and affinity propagation, this assay can confirm or predict potential interactions between proteins, significantly advancing our understanding of intracellular processes.


"The utility of the Pull-Down Assay Service in the areas of biomedical research and drug discovery cannot be overstated," said Creative Proteomics' Chief Scientist. "These interactions are fundamental to all biological processes, from cell signalling to metabolic pathways, and an understanding of these interactions could lead to the identification of disease biomarkers or novel therapeutic targets."


The enhanced service provided by Creative Proteomics stands out from others by incorporating an upgraded methodology, offering faster turnaround times, and reducing costs. The team of experts at Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive support to researchers, offering guidance and expertise throughout the entire process – from the selection of bait and prey proteins to the final data analysis.


"We understand the critical role protein-protein interactions play in several biological functions and the potential implications of its dysregulation in various diseases. By offering this improved Pull-Down Assay Service, we aim to assist scientists globally in gaining an in-depth understanding of these interactions," he added.


As a pioneer in proteomics services, Creative Proteomics offers a full portfolio of services, including protein identification, protein quantification, Post-Translational Modification (PTM) analysis, and other comprehensive proteomics approaches. The introduction of the Pull-Down Assay Service strengthens the firm's offerings and exemplifies its dedication to providing the scientific community with valuable research tools.


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