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Creative Biogene Develops New Platforms for circRNA Stable Cell Lines

April 28, 2024

Creative Biogene, a global leader in genetic and cellular research, has developed new advanced platforms to drive the pursuit of circular RNAs (circRNAs) research. Becoming an increasingly significant contributor to the understanding of gene expression, circRNA’s involvement in human diseases makes it an essential focus for scientific exploration.


These exciting developments in the field of stable cell lines and circRNAs have been made possible through the implementation of gain-of-function and loss-of-function approaches. These allow scientists to better comprehend the roles and mechanisms of circRNAs, opening new avenues for the study of cellular functions and gene regulation.


Creative Biogene's advanced platforms provide a comprehensive portfolio of circRNA stable cell lines, offering a range of products covering everything from circRNA design and vector construction, to stable cell line generation and validation. This provides our researchers with a complete toolkit to build, refine, and analyze the functionality of any circRNA of interest.


In a field where precision and reliability are paramount, Creative Biogene goes the extra mile to ensure quality. All our circRNA stable cell lines are fully validated through sequencing and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), ensuring sequence accuracy and high levels of gene expression.


Beyond this, Creative Biogene continues to innovate, developing an expanding collection of cell lines stably overexpressing diverse types of genes, alongside a wealth of premade circRNA molecules and expression vectors. This upcoming portfolio is a testament to Creative Biogene's relentless pursuit of advancing genetic and cellular research, enabling scientists to continue to break new ground in the understanding of human diseases.


"The innovative platforms developed by Creative Biogene play a crucial role in driving robust and reliable research into the roles and mechanisms of circRNAs", says Marica Brady, marketing director at Creative Biogene. “Our focus on the accurate and thorough validation of our products ensures that our circRNA stable cell lines will serve as invaluable tools for the scientific community."


By continuing to push boundaries in circRNA research, Creative Biogene strives to unlock the potential of this little-understood class of RNA molecules. The company is keen on promoting a better understanding of genetic regulation, highlighted through its advancements in stable cell lines and circRNA research.


This commitment to staying at the forefront of genetic and cellular research ensures that Creative Biogene remains a key player in the biotech industry, driving new discoveries and enabling significant advancements in science and medicine.


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