As easy as is gets - Visualization Based Omics data Analytics

April 26, 2022

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Webinar Description:

Many scientists struggle to find tools that are effective to use for Omics data analysis. Qlucore has, with its highly visual and stunningly fast software Qlucore Omics Explorer, made this possible for many years now. This webinar is an introduction on how you can explore and analyze Omics data using this highly visual and interactive tool. It includes a few hands-on exercises available for you to perform. All you need to do is download a free trial after registration.

You do not need any previous experience with Qlucore Omics Explorer.

Qlucore is a leading provider of new generation intuitive bioinformatics software for research, precision and companion diagnostics. Qlucore’s mission is to make it easier to analyze the huge amounts of complex data that are generated by innovations in the fields of genomics and proteomics by providing powerful visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis tools for research and precision diagnostics. Qlucore Omics Explorer software is a Do-It-Yourself bioinformatics software for research in the life science, plant and biotech industries, as well as academia. Qlucore Diagnostics and Qlucore Insight are software platforms with built in AI-based machine learning for multi-omics companion and precision diagnostics. Qlucore was founded in 2007 at Lund University, Sweden and has customers in about 25 countries around the world, with sales offices in Europe and North America, and distribution in several countries in Asia. Qlucore is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth market.


Learning Objectives:

  • Fast and easy analysis of Omics data
  • Identification of discriminating variables
  • Visualization in different plots such as PCA, heatmaps, box plots etc.


Ann Holmberg
Application Specialist

MSc in Biochemistry, University of Lund, Sweden
10 years as a Research Biochemist in Pharma and Biotech
30 years as Application Specialist in LIMS and bioinformatic software

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