(Recorded on July 1, 2014)

Sponsored by
Accel becomes Biovia


The life science industry is in the midst of significant change posing some very significant challenges. Biopharma is radically reinventing itself by embracing globalization, looking for innovation from outside partners, and focusing on operational excellence. Externalized collaborative research is transforming drug discovery. Organizations are expanding relationships beyond traditional boundaries and creating flexible networks of researchers―some in-house, others with industry and academic partners and contract research organizations (CROs). These networks are increasing in size and complexity, combining numerous partners with diverse project objectives. In this webinar you will learn how biopharma and CRO organizations address data and project management challenges associated with this new way of conducting business:

  • How do you secure the IP of different parties and enable networked partners to share project data in real time?
  • How do you ensure that each team member can only access what he/she is authorized to see?
  • How do you quickly spin up and down dynamic collaborations in today’s fast-changing project landscape?
  • How do you keep team members informed of the progress each partner is making?

ScienceCloud is an innovative, cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace designed to support globally networked drug R&D.

The webinar will also cover SHERPA: a service which utilizes ScienceCloud for Integration of Collaboration Data at Sanofi. This part of the presentation will describe how ScienceCloud was an ideal platform to enable secure collaborative data sharing in a “Cloud” and to facilitate pipelining of data to and from Sanofi internal data systems.


Mathew Hahn, Ph.D., CTO, BIOVIA
Frederic Bost, Ph.D., Senior Product Director ScienceCloud, BIOVIA
James Connelly, Ph.D., Head, Research Data Management, Sanofi