The Buyer’s Guide for Search in Pharmaceutical
There’s no avoiding the truth: Getting pharmaceutical drugs to market is a long and expensive process with no guarantee of success. Deloitte estimates that the average cost of the R&D process is currently US 2.2 billion per drug, and it’s only getting more expensive. The drug discovery phase, involving the discovery of novel and innovative compounds, consumes about a third of that investment and takes 10 to 12 years.

Data is the fuel that powers the engine of a well-functioning pharmaceutical company. Data informs research and drives decision-making throughout the drug development process, whether that is during the selection of a target pathway, the confirmation of efficacy and safety through clinical trials, the delivery to market, or its ongoing monitoring.

So how do you drive innovation, accelerate research, and shorten drugs’ time-to-market when the amount of information you have to sift through is growing exponentially?