Atomic Changes: Reshaping our Data Journey in Small Steps

November 22, 2022


Host Stan Gloss, founder of BioTeam, invites Mike Tarselli, chief scientific officer at TetraScience, to chat about data and how the life sciences industry thinks about our primary product. They discuss the tech sector’s influence on pharma in switching from a project mindset that yields outputs to a product mindset that yields outcomes and why the industry should use traditional supply chain mechanics as the blueprint to generate and package data.

Tarselli also advises biotech companies experiencing a data transformation—as opposed to a digital transformation—to start small and resist the urge to make sweeping changes. “If everybody did these little 1% and 5% hacks here and there, you would have a 20x better laboratory in two years. Data transformation initiatives tend to fail when they go too big,” he says. Lastly, Tarselli shares his hopes for a global and highly collaborative environment that fosters data exchange and readiness in the pharmaceutical space.

Mike Tarselli, PhD, MBA, Chief Scientific and Knowledge Officer, TetraScience
As chief scientific and knowledge officer, Mike Tarselli accelerates the Tetra Scientific Data Cloud through knowledge capture, training curricula, GxP compliance, use case research, and external scientific evangelism. Previously, Tarselli was the scientific director for SLAS, a global professional society dedicated to lab automation, and an associate director at Novartis, building an external scientific collaboration platform. In addition, his pharmaceutical experience includes bench and operational roles at Millennium, ARIAD, and Biomedisyn.

Tarselli received his Ph.D. from UNC Chapel Hill, completed postdoctoral work at Scripps Research, and his MBA through Quantic School of Business and Technology. He currently serves on the Pistoia Alliance Board of Directors, the UMass Amherst College of Natural Sciences Advisory Board, and the Editorial Board of the NIH/NCATS Assay Guidance Manual. He actively volunteers with the American Chemical Society, the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, and the National Science Foundation. Tarselli has been an invited speaker for student groups, professional organizations, and international expositions. His research interests include FAIR data, scientific futurism, natural products, and synthetic biology.

Host Bio

Stan Gloss


As co-founder and Evangelist of BioTeam, Stan Gloss has been working to tell the stories of the intersection of science, data and technology since 2002. Gloss joined with fellow founding partners Bill Van Etten and Chris Dagdigian to form BioTeam in 2002 following his tenure in business development with AVAKI Corporation, a pioneer in global grid software solutions, and Blackstone Computing, a computing and IT consulting company for scientists, Gloss led the sales initiative that launched the company in the life sciences market. Gloss earned his MS at the University of Buffalo and was a department chairman and faculty member at Quinnipiac University.

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